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what is food?

Classwork Series and Exercise (Basic Science- JSS1):FAMILY HEALTH / NUTRITION

Basic Science JSS 1 Week 4 Topic: Family Health / Nutrition What is nutrition? Nutrition is the process by which organisms take in and make use of substances that are necessary for good health such as food and minerals. In order to achieve and maintain good health, one must have good feeding (Nutritional) habit. What [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Home Economics – JSS1}: Healthy Feeding Habits

Home Economics JSS1 Week 2 Topic: HEALTHY FEEDING HABITS Contents: Healthy Feeding Habits Types of Food Meal Planning Guidelines for Healthy Feeding Guidelines for Table Manners A. HEALTHY FEEDING HABITS/ FOOD NUTRIENTS The human body is like a machine that needs fuel to do its work. These needs fuel to do it work. These needs are met [...]