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How Often Do You Say “Please” and “Thank You”?

You may have heard people - perhaps your parents and older ones - refer to these words as "magic words." Why so? What makes them magical? It's because they are simple social graces that smoothen our interactions with others. It shows the depth of our respect for them, or appreciation for something they have done. [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises { Civic Education – SS2}: Inter-personal Relationship

Civic SS2 Week 5 Topic: Inter-Personal Relationship Contents: Relationship Meaning of Inter-personal Relationship Importance of Inter-personal Relationship Types of Inter-personal Relationship Stages of Inter-personal Relationship Basic Skills that Promotes Inter-personal Relationship Obstacles to Inter-personal Relationship 1. Meaning of Inter-personal Relationship Interpersonal Relationship has been explained to be the social association, connection or affiliation between two [...]

Want To Be Treated Like An Adult? Read What This Mom Wrote To Her 13 Year Old Son

Want To Be Treated Like An Adult? All young persons want to grow up fast. You do not want to be told what to do, and you want to make all of your own decisions. That is fine, it is the hallmark of adulthood. But to get that sort of liberty, some things [...]