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4 Important Facts You Should Know About Germs and Handwashing

Take a close look at the patch of skin on your hands, would you be surprised if I told you there’s an estimated 1,500 bacteria per square centimeter of skin on your hand? Yes, even though you had a bath this morning. Hence, it is for this reason that washing and drying your hands thoroughly [...]

Allergic To Some Foods? Get All Your Facts Here

Hard as you may find it to believe, some of the foods you eat may be harmful to you or your friends. For a fact, food allergy cases have increased significantly since the days of your parents and you would be surprised by the rising trends in food allergies, and the somewhat little things that [...]

Think You Are Washing Your Hands Correctly? This Article Will Make You Think Again!

You may think you are washing your hands properly, but a survey has it that at least 5% of the population are doing it wrongly. Are you one of them? Do read on to check! 1. How to Wash Your Hands Properly Washing your hands is a simple process that yields great health benefits. The [...]

Learn All the Medical Facts About Your STOMACH BACTERIA Here

Does the title trip you up? Bacteria are a taboo, especially with regard our health, aren't they? So, how come we have colonies of them living in our guts, and seem to be honky-dory with it? Before your mind goes haywire, flying in different directions with several worries; you really should listen to what doctors [...]

Study Says Your Toilet Seat is So Clean You Could Eat Off It!

Would you eat your dinner off your toilet seat? That's just abominable and outright disgusting! Did I hear you say? But maybe you should think again. Dr Chuck Gerba, Professor of Microbiology at the University of Arizona, studies how diseases are transferred through the environment. This involves swabbing household items and measuring how many bacteria [...]

How Well Do You Know Your Body’s GOOD BACTERIA? Get to Know Them Here

According to BBCiWonder, your body has more micro-organism cells – such as bacteria, archaea, fungi and viruses – than human cells! Some estimates suggest it may be as much as 10 to one, others are more conservative.  These organisms make up what’s called your microbiome, and the vast majority of these microbes are bacteria – [...]

Soil Bacteria Can Help You Learn! Check 6 Additional Facts You Didn’t Know About Bacteria

Bacteria are the most numerous life forms on the planet. Bacteria come in various shapes and sizes, and thrive in some of the most inhospitable environments. They live in your body, on your skin, and on objects you use everyday. Below are 7 surprising things you may not know about bacteria, according to about.com 1. [...]

The difference between bacteria and viruses

Okay, so many of you are confused differentiating between bacteria and viruses. You see, bacteria are microscopic and they live just about everywhere, including extreme environments like hot springs and radioactive waste. Now, you can wag a finger at bacteria for things like ear infections and strep throat, but most types aren't harmful, and in [...]

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10 minutes of chewing GUM can remove 100 MILLION bacteria from your mouth, study claims

Chewing gum has been found to remove harmful bacteria from mouths, according to a study. Researchers found that just a single piece of chewing gum can remove 100 million bacteria - 10 per cent of the microbial load in saliva - in ten minutes. And they say that gum can be just as effective as [...]

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Tricks to remaining as germ free as possible when using a shared toilet

Today, November 19, is a day set aside by the United Nations to address issues relating to proper sanitation. This article, therefore, is to help you stay germ-free when using a public toilet. Most people wince at the thought of using a shared toilet, with door handles potentially riddled with germs and dubious looking stains [...]

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