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classwork series and exercises

Classwork Series and Exercises {Civic Education- SS 2}: How Employment Can Alleviate Poverty

Topic: How Employment Can Alleviate Poverty Content- Meaning of employment Ways by which employment can alleviate poverty Employment Employment is a situation where a person who is willing and able to work gets a befitting work to do. It is the act of been gainfully employed either by public, private parastatals or by one-self (self [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Social Studies-JSS1}: Factors That Can Promote Cooperation

Topic: Co-operation I Contents Meaning of Co-operation Attributes of Co-operation Factors That Promote Co-operation Meaning of Co-operation Co-operation can be defined as the working together of two or more persons for the purpose of achieving a particular result. It simply means two or more people working together for some purpose or a common goal. Co-operation is [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises { Basic Science – JSS1}: Environmental Conservation and Safety

Topic: Environmental Conservation and Safety (Refuse) Introduction The environment is said to be safe when it is free of objects that can cause accidents, objects such as broken bottles and plates, broken furniture, drugs and medicine, slippery floor, kitchen knives, empty cans with sharp edges, broken staircases and steps. Sewage: Refers to human solid and liquid [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Science – JSS2}: Genetics

Topic: Family Traits (Genetics) Meaning of Genetics, heredity and Variation Genetics: is defined as the study of heredity and variation in living things.The study of heredity, or how the characteristics of living things are transmitted from one generation to the next. Every living thing contains the genetic material that makes up DNA molecules. This material [...]

Classwork Series And Exercises { Civic – SS1}: UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Right)

Civic Education, SS1 Topic:UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Right) Contents: Meaning of UDHR Historical background of UDHR The seven core freedom of the UdHR Meaning of UDHR The Universal Declaration of Human Right reflects the fundamental beliefs shared by countries around the world regarding human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a [...]

Federalism (Civic Education)

 Federalism Contents:    Meaning of Federalism                  Reason for the adoption of Federalism in Nigeria                  Problems of Federalism in Nigeria.                  The State Government                  The Local Government.   [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises { Civic – JSS3}: Protection of Rule of Law

Topic: Protection of Rule of Law Contents -    Meaning of Rule of Law                    Principle of the Rule of Law Rule of law is the law that states that the law is supreme over all the citizens and even those in governments, must be subject to and [...]

Classwork Series {Business Studies – JSS1}: Ethics In Sourcing Chemicals

Business Studies, JSS 1 Topic:     Ethics in Sourcing Chemicals Contents:       Meaning of Ethics                       Ethics in sourcing chemicals                       Good handling and storage of techniques for chemicals Ethics This can be defined as a set of principles that guide people in deciding what is right and what is wrong. It [...]

Classwork Series And Exercises {Social Studies – JSS3}: Economic Reform Measures in Nigeria (Commercialization)

Topic: Economic Reform Measures in Nigeria (Commercialization) Contents Meaning of Commercialization Advantages of Commercialization Disadvantages of Commercialization Meaning of Deregulations Problems associated with privatization, commercialization and deregulation Meaning of Commercialization Commercialization is the practice of running government services like private enterprises. Governments departments are required to conserve or make their own money by charging fees [...]