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What Will It Take For You To Be Wealthy? Your Answer May Be Absolutely Wrong!

You, like most others may believe that the key to wealth is a high-paying job. Am I right? You may have often heard people talk about how “if they land that big oil company job, they will be set for life.” While earning more money will certainly make it easier for you to amass assets, [...]

Do You Bedwet? See Answers To All the Questions You Ever Asked

It always happens something like this: You fall into an extremely deep sleep and find yourself dreaming. The dream builds up to such a stage that you find yourself wanting to pee. In your dream, you walk to the bathroom or the side of the road (whichever your dreamy self fancies!) and simply begin to [...]

Allergic To Some Foods? Get All Your Facts Here

Hard as you may find it to believe, some of the foods you eat may be harmful to you or your friends. For a fact, food allergy cases have increased significantly since the days of your parents and you would be surprised by the rising trends in food allergies, and the somewhat little things that [...]

Can a Guy Talk to a Female Doctor About Certain Things?

This article first appeared in a Kidshealth.org article and has been adapted here. I'm a 16-year-old guy and I just found out my new family doctor is female. I'm really nervous about this because she might need to see or touch me down there. I also have some questions about sex. Should I tell her this? [...]