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3 Points To Consider If You Desire To Excel In Life And As an Entrepreneur

In life and as an entrepreneur, we face obstacles that threaten to abort our dreams and make our goals seem unattainable. If one looks beyond the fear and the noise, one would see how these obstacles are enlarged by our mind. To help you see things in the right perspective and help you excel in [...]

Follow Your Passion, But Be Willing to Tell Yourself the Truth. Here’s Why

If there's one thing that well-meaning people tell you, it's that you should follow your dreams and your passion. That in itself is a good advice since we are more likely to push ourselves to do better in a career that we feel committed to. But some experts, as well as people who have themselves [...]

Why You Need To Work With Those Willing To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

A young entrepreneur says: If you are an idea person, then you really need to find a very strong technical person who is willing to turn your dreams into a reality and not fight you on that too much. And by not fighting, he says he means following the leader and sticking to his original vision. [...]

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