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Are you Dyslexic? These Tips should help you

Being dyslexic can be such a challenge, both for the student and for teachers. This is because not only will a dyslexic student struggle with reading and understanding school work, the teachers themselves will also have troubles teaching such a student. There is also the possibility of such student being bullied by other things who [...]

“The Only Time You Fail Is When You Don’t Try!” These Teens Share Their Entrepreneurial Journey With You

In the second of the series, we will consider teen entrepreneurs like the boy who converted his bitter experience from being bullied into a profitable business, to the girl who pestered her father for three straight years until he commited to her dream, even as you will be inspired by them, seeing that they are [...]


Hello everyone. Let’s take a walk down memory lane today; shall we? Who remembers growing up, going to school for the first time and having to learn how to read, write and calculate? Well I do, and those weren’t quite the funny experiences! The first time I went to school (at the age of two [...]

Why Reading is a Very Difficult Task For Some

Did you experience some difficulty reading the above text? If you answered Yes, keep in mind that is this how letters, words and sentences appear to those who suffer from dyslexia. But, what is dyslexia? Dyslexia is a lifelong condition that affects reading, writing, spelling and speaking, and is said to affect one in five [...]

Have Trouble Learning? You Could Be Dyslexic!

Dyslexia is a learning disability that makes it difficult to read, spell, write, or pronounce words. It can be hard for people with dyslexia to connect the way words look and sound, to what the words actually mean. Dyslexia can be genetic, meaning that people who have it are born with it and might have [...]