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Be a Teen Entrepreneur, Turn Your Hobby Into Cash With These 6 Tips

Do you feel like you have found a thing you enjoy a lot - baking, photography, painting, sports, writing, jewelry and bead making, and all such. But have you ever thought about actually making money off your awesome beads or super cool pictures? This is a thing you can totally do, and Lilit Marcus of [...]

The Secret Behind How Entrepreneurs Can Take Their Ideas From Dreams To Reality

One of the worst mistakes an entrepreneur can make is to launch a product before they are ready. Not only will they lose credibility in the eyes of customers, their competitors will learn from these mistakes and use it to their own advantage. What's more? Your competitors get to conserve their own resources until they are [...]

Why You Need To Work With Those Willing To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

A young entrepreneur says: If you are an idea person, then you really need to find a very strong technical person who is willing to turn your dreams into a reality and not fight you on that too much. And by not fighting, he says he means following the leader and sticking to his original vision. [...]

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