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The Secret Powers of Toothpaste. One Being that It Can Help With Pimples!

Perhaps you were of the opinion that toothpaste usage starts and ends with oral hygiene. True, toothpaste can brighten up your smile, but it also has many household uses that can make you sing like a canary. Here are a few ways you can make this common item work for you. Jewelry Polish Toothpaste is [...]

How Much Information About Yourself Should You Share With Others?

The answer to the question in the title is that it depends. If the information involves the safety or well-being of others, then you will want to tell the person as soon as possible. But just what kind of information should you go about sharing, and with whom? It's kind of hard not to tell [...]

Fish really IS brain food: Eating ANY type once a week is good for your memory

Eating any type of fish just once a week increases brain health, a study has revealed. Just one fillet - grilled or baked - boosts grey matter, regardless of how much omega-3 fatty acid it contains. Experts have previously said the anti-oxidant effect of omega-3 fatty acids - found in high amounts in fish, seeds, [...]

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