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Be careful Of These Daily-Used Items which are Bacteria-Laden

Whether at home, school or the office, these daily-used items seem [superficially] clean even though they are very dirty. As a matter of fact, they are referred to as bacteria havens. Yet, we feel comfortable using them, possibly because we are used to them or just because we just tend to not associate them with [...]

4 Important Facts You Should Know About Germs and Handwashing

Take a close look at the patch of skin on your hands, would you be surprised if I told you there’s an estimated 1,500 bacteria per square centimeter of skin on your hand? Yes, even though you had a bath this morning. Hence, it is for this reason that washing and drying your hands thoroughly [...]

6 Best Tips To Keep Your Face Clean Daily

There is more to cleaning your face than scrubbing it with sponge, soap and water. The skin on your face is different that of the skin on the rest of your body, so it requires different treatment. It's also the part of the body that everyone notices the most, so why not take good care [...]

Think You Are Washing Your Hands Correctly? This Article Will Make You Think Again!

You may think you are washing your hands properly, but a survey has it that at least 5% of the population are doing it wrongly. Are you one of them? Do read on to check! 1. How to Wash Your Hands Properly Washing your hands is a simple process that yields great health benefits. The [...]