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5 Things Every Teenage Boy Should Know About Life

Good advice for teenage boys often comes from fathers, teachers, mentors, and role models. These are the people you look up to as an example of the type of person you aspire to be in your own life. Whether you're seeking advice about girls, school, sports, or everyday wisdom, there are answers out there, and [...]

How To Act Cool Around Your Crush and Make Them Fall For You

Your heart drops to your feet, and your breath stops when he walks in. When he locks his gaze on you, smiles and says hello, you are sure you must have died and gone to heaven. This feeling is all fantastic, but there's a little problem, you just can't seem to speak! It's like all [...]

See What This Dog Did. Can You Teach Yours This Neat Little Trick?

Do you have a dog? I will bet he/she has a name, and there must have been times when you simply wished it could join you in play - video games, swimming, or some other physical activity. Well, it is possible! There's a remarkable footage that shows a dog controlling a skipping game. The dog [...]

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10 Everyday Struggles Girls Deal With That Guys Will Never Understand

Every female knows that there are a lot of things that girls deal with on a regular basis that guys just don’t understand. Sure, there are plenty of things that guys also have to deal with that ladies don’t get. So, what are some of these things that come with being a girl? Let’s talk [...]

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Girl, 12, jumps to her death from 14th-floor apartment after her parents discover she had been watching porn

A 12 year-old Russian girl in St. Petersburg killed herself Wednesday, jumping from her block of flats after her parents discovered she'd been watching online pornography. The girl, whose first name was given by police as Daria, reportedly entered into a heated argument with her parents after they discovered she had been surfing porn web [...]

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