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How to make money

3 Main Points From RICH DAD, POOR DAD On Financial Literacy

So often financial education focuses on managing money, but there is actually more to it than that. You can actually grow your money too!  If you have read the book Rich Dad, Poor  Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, you would realise that you can have two views with regards money - the old rules or the [...]

4 Easy Ways To Make Money While Still In School

Who says you have to finish school before you can start making some cool cash? Granted, making money shouldn’t be your priority as a secondary school student, but then it’s never a bad thing as long as you won’t let it affect your studies. Check out a few of our ideas to earn some cash [...]

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#PNN E-MENTORING (Yoma Victor): How To Generate Income (As A Teenager)

Income as I've defined, is reward gained in exchange for value delivered. This could be in the form of money, or any other agreed form of compensation. Meaning, income can be money or property or shares or clothes, etc. Every money or multiplication of money you received is tied to some sort of value you [...]

#PNNE-MENTORING (Yoma Victor): If you want to be RICH, you must START now!

The Money Question! What is money? Clearly, many people have never sat down to really answer this question. As important as the subject of what money is, we have run away from engaging it directly. For most people, their behaviour and their way of life indicate that money is simply what you use to get [...]