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human right

Classwork Series and Exercises {Civic Education – JSS3}: Protection of Human Right

JSS 3 Civic Education First Term Week 3 Topic- Protection of Human Right Content Meaning of Human Right Types of Human Right Human Rights Human rights are privileges that every citizens of a nation must enjoy. The government is the sole protector of human right, if human rights are not protected by the government, many [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Civic Education– JSS1}: Human Right

JSS 1 Civic Education First Term Week 10 week 10- Human Right Content- Meaning of Human Right                  Types of Human Right Human right can be defined as certain privileges enjoyed by every citizen in a country. Human rights are the entitlement that should be given to a person and which when denied can be [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Home Economics – JSS1}: Human Rights and Violation

Home Economics JSS1 Week 8 Topic: HUMAN RIGHT AND VIOLATION Contents: Human Right Hints to Note about Rights of the Child Basic Principles of Child Rights A. HUMAN RIGHT A right is a statement showing a nature due, moral claim and legal entitlement. Right can also be called freedoms and benefits that are guaranteed to people by [...]

Classwork Exercise and Series (Civic Education-JSS3): Protection OF Human Right

Protection of Human Right Appropriate Steps to Human Right Protection For people to enjoy their fundamental rights completely, the following steps must be taken: Provision of Human Right Education: The citizen should be given appropriate human right education. This is because the only way people can avoid being deprived of their rights is to have [...]