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Tough Truth about Leadership nobody tells Teenagers

Here is to reiterate a stance I hold so dearly, a universal truth for that matter; and that is the fact that leadership is an indispensable skill for those who desire to be successful. That is why all of us here at Passnownow.com make it our mission to constantly communicate the importance of acquiring the [...]

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How Teens Can Cultivate Leadership Skills

It’s a well known maxim-youths are the leaders of tomorrow. But then to be able to lead, the future leaders must first be equipped with the essential skills that will enable them become better leaders than the ones we currently have all around us. After all, the future should always be better in every aspect [...]

Africa Facts: Know the Meaning of Some Africa’s Proverbs

A dry March, a wet April and a cool May fill barn and cellar and bring much hay Harvest predictions according to the weather A fault confessed is half redressed Confession is the beginning of forgiveness A flower blooms more than once If you miss an occasion, you can avail of it at another time. [...]

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5 Pitfalls of Leadership You Must Avoid

Leadership without goals Goals give team members direction and purpose and every leader has this as a key role to perform. If you happen to be in the position of a class captain or a head prefect and you set out to lead your team without setting shared goals, you would perform woefully eventually. It [...]

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See Why Working Hard Will Not Make You Rich!

In a country like Nigeria, where we are taught to embrace hardwork and diligence at all times, so we can make money, it would be erroneous to say hard work will not make you rich but quite a number of evidences seem to back up this conclusion and it is important to note that this [...]

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Learn How to Capitalise on The Strength of Your Team Members

In a strong team, the leader knows how to capitalise on each member’s strengths. Not everyone on the team has to be a great people person, but some have to be. Not everyone has to be meticulous, but certain members of the team must be. If you must capitalise on individual’s strengths, you must be [...]

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You Need Courage as a Leader

Over the years, people talk about what makes a great leader and it was discovered that, great leaders demonstrate bold but reasoned judgment, spirited but calculated risk-taking and an assertive but reflective disposition. According to Bill Treasurer, The list of characteristics that comprise great leadership is so long and contradictory, that the aspiring leader is [...]

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Why Every Leader Must Embrace Integrity and Build A Good Character

According to Michael Ray, Integrity is one of the top attributes of a great leader. It is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes. It connotes a deep commitment to do the right thing for the right reason, regardless of the circumstances. People who live with integrity are incorruptible and [...]

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Civic Education: Human Rights & Its Sources

Human rights are basic rights and privileges of citizens in a country as enshrined in the constitution. They are rights and freedoms in which every human being is entitled to irrespective of colour, language, race, age, sex, or geographical location. These rights and privileges were declared in 1789. Fundamental Human Rights They are written in [...]

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Are You a “Born Entrepreneur”? These 8 Outstanding Qualities Of an Entrepreneur Will Tell You

It has been said that entrepreneurship is the “new normal”. What this means is that in this generation, more people are looking to be an entrepreneur than being an employee. But then you ask: “People must still work in businesses created by entrepreneurs, won’t they?” And you would be absolutely correct! Not everyone will be [...]

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