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learning styles


Learning is an extremely important and personal experience for people of all ages. It has been discovered that there are a number of different types of learning styles and the different ways that humans retain and process information. The more you know about these different types of learning, the more prepared you will be to [...]

Did You Know You Can Actually Improve Your Intelligence?

While each person is born with certain abilities, there is certainly a lot we can do to improve them, our intelligence included. Though, exercise may be associated more with physical development than mental. However, extensive research has shown significant results in the effects of exercise on brain development. Consider some of the benefits of exercise [...]

What is Your Learning Style? Is It Auditory, Kinesthetic or Visual?

You have probably heard of the three primary learning styles: auditory, kinesthetic and visual. Maybe you have even given some thought to which learning style fits you best. But what does knowing one’s learning style really mean? Knowing your learning style is important because it can provide you with insight into how your brain learns [...]