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How to write a good speech

Delivering a good speech starts with the writing of it. Although the topics of most speeches are different, some elements are widely applicable that can help us write a good speech more easily.   A Core Message A speech’s core message is the goal of a speech: what does the speaker want to tell to [...]

Survey shows that children who own books six times more likely to read above expected level

Children who own books are six times more likely to read above the expected level for their age – and yet hundreds of thousands of pupils are still missing out, a report suggests. More than 380,000 children in the UK do not have a book of their own, an analysis from charity the National Literacy [...]

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7 Things You Can Do To Improve Your English

Being able to speak fluent English is one of the skills that you you should master. English is an official language for many countries and it's one of the most common languages around the world. Even if you are not from an English speaking country, you still need to learn it because it improves your [...]

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7 Top Tips to Boost your Exam Performance

  Preparing for and writing exams could be demanding but your overall performance could be improved upon by carrying out some activities. The tips given below can help you get ready for your exams, prepare you for tests and class presentations:   1. Learn and write Reading through the pages and highlighting important portions help [...]

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6 Six Effective Class Management Tricks Every Teacher Should Know

  Every teacher is faced with similar challenges every day. How will I best communicate to the students? Are the students understanding what I am teaching them? Hope I am not boring? Teachers also get frustrated by the behaviours of the students. How do I get them to follow instructions? Why are the always adamant [...]

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How to Reprint JAMB 2020 Exam Slip

JAMB has officially announced the reprinting of 2020 JAMB Exam Slip to commence on March 7th, 2020, which is one week before the examination (March 14th). The JAMB slip reprint is purposed to give full details of time of examination, date of examination, seat number and the examination centre of each candidates. There are two [...]

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2020 WAEC Private Candidates Results Has Been Released

The West African Examinations Council just announced the results of the 2020 first series West African Senior School Certificate Examination for private candidates. This was made known on Tuesday by the Head of National Office of WAEC, Mr Olu Adenipekun, in Lagos at a news conference. According to him, a total of 12,395 candidates registered [...]

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5 Crucial Benefits of Study Group

There are lot of benefits that one can get from participating in a study group. It is said that no one is an island of knowledge just as a similar saying has it that iron sharpens iron. When you think that you know it all, there’s always someone else with a better understanding. Below are [...]


Learning is an extremely important and personal experience for people of all ages. It has been discovered that there are a number of different types of learning styles and the different ways that humans retain and process information. The more you know about these different types of learning, the more prepared you will be to [...]

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