7 MUST-ASK QUESTIONS Parents Should Ask Teachers

This new session offers you a fresh slate to rewrite your academic story, improving where you struggled last session as well as learning from your mistakes. Yet, you shouldn't be the only one to be bothered about this, your parents can help too. But how? Let's see. Getting to know your teachers can help your [...]

Don’t Just Study Harder, Study Smarter! Consider 4 Ways of Doing This

How many times have you been told by parents, advisers, and teachers alike to study harder? But what does it even mean to study hard? Do you have to study until your head hurts? It sure sounds like it! The whole idea of studying harder suggests that you are really not putting in your best [...]

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4 important questions to ask yourself before joining a study group

There is no doubting the fact that studying in a group has benefits. However, working with other students might not always be the best study method. Studying with others, especially close friends, can sometimes be distracting rather than helpful. Studying with others can also be inefficient. If certain members of the group are less grounded [...]

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Why You Need A Study Group (And How To Organise One) For A Better Learning

Why are study groups better than self study? 1. When you are studying in a group there is a higher chance that most of the things you are uncertain about will pop out. As annoying/embarrassing as this might be, it goes without saying that it is better to face your weak points in good time. [...]

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