These Tips will Help you Boost your Brain Power

The brain does a lot of thing, including helping you to learn new things. Ever imagined how miserable life would be if your brain were to permanently fail to assimilate all those new information that is thrust at you every day at school? Indeed, life would be horrible! But do you know that […]

Attention Over-protective Parents Here are the Side Effects of your parenting Style

Parents are naturally over-protective. However, some do take their over-protectiveness some extra miles, inadvertently infantilizing their children in the process. This they do despite their teenagers’ best efforts to assert their independence.  Truth is, most over-protective parents think they are actually doing the right thing for their children; keeping them safe from the […]

A Look at some of the Reasons Teenagers Like Taking Risks

As you may well know, taking risks is a normal thing for most teenagers. For them, it’s like testing the boundaries and living the prime life; it is their own way of  discovering life on their own terms. Indeed, the average teen takes at least one major risk before outgrowing teenagehood. Interestingly, no […]

Financial Literacy: Useful Money Concepts for Teens

Financially literacy is undoubtedly necessary for overall success in life.  It in in this light that  it is important for teenagers learn about financial skills and actually use such skills. Parents must endeavour to teach their children these skills, while teachers reinforce the knowledge by incorporating financial literacy in their classroom talks. In […]

UNICEF’s Intervention to keep 8,000 Girls in School is quite laudable!

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has recently donated the sum of one hundred and sixty naira as part of efforts to keep girls in Katsina State in school. The Katsina State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) acknowledged the receipt of the donation, noting that such a move is a […]

Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) inducts 512 new Teachers

The government organization vested with the responsibility certifying teachers in the country- the  Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (Technical) has recently inducted more than five hundred new teachers. The newly inducted teachers graduated from the Federal College of Education Umunze in Anambra State.

According to, the induction ceremony which was happening for […]

OMG! Truck kills Student sent home from school over unpaid fees

A female student of Community Secondary School, Adazi-Ani in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State was at about 10am yesterday, killed by a truck belonging to a bottling company as she walked home after being chased out of school by the principal due to non-payment of fees.

The vehicle’s plate number was […]

OMG! Banky W and his dog were almost burnt alive in his house

You know Banky W, right? Of course you do; he is a superstar. But have you yet heard that he almost got burnt alive in his house just a couple of days ago? Unfortunately that’s correct. The singer/actor/businessman confirmed the news himself on his Instagram when he specially blessed […]

Five reasons why Nigerian Teens like Korede Bello

Typically, Nigerian teenagers have some love for their celebrities. But the kind of love they have for Korede Bello is simply just special. Whenever a discussion about him comes up, almost every teen get instantly excited. The same thing happens when his song is played on the radio or on MTV Base. Nobody […]

Tough Truth about Leadership nobody tells Teenagers

Here is to reiterate a stance I hold so dearly, a universal truth for that matter; and that is the fact that leadership is an indispensable skill for those who desire to be successful. That is why all of us here at make it our mission to constantly communicate the importance of […]

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