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SS1 Agricultural Science Third Term: Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals

Anatomy and Physiology Anatomy refers to the form and structure of the body while physiology refers to the functions of the forms and parts of the body. Some of the systems which maintain the body include, circulatory system, reproductive, respiratory, nervous and digestive system. Circulatory System This system involves all the organs and tissues which [...]

JSS1 Mathematics Third Term: Algebraic Processes 3- Grouping

Coefficients In arithmetic 3 x 4 is a short way of writing 4 + 4 + 4. Similarly, in algebra, 3 x a is short for a + a + a. 3 x a is usually shortened to 3a. Say this a ‘three a’. 3a = 3 x a = a + a + a [...]

SS1 English Language Third Term: Understanding the Relationship between a Writer’s Purpose and Tone; Pronoun References to Three Persons

Understanding the Relationship between a Writer’s Purpose and Tone Instruction: Read the comprehension passage below [carefully] after which you should check the next segment to examine the authour’s  purpose and tone. Car alarms are a public nuisance. Their persistent and disruptive noise has been shown to boost stress hormones that are linked to physiological illness [...]

JSS2 Agricultural Science Third Term: Farm Animal Diseases I

Diseases Diseases can be defined as the absence of normal health due to infection, nutritional deficiency and imbalance, hereditary and functional disorders as well as injuries. Diseases can also be described as any disturbance in the normal life or body function of an organism which may affect a particular organ or the whole body and [...]

JSS1 Civic Education Third Term: Forms of Democracy

Forms of Democracy Direct democracy: This is an individual freedom; this is where people participate in the governing of the state at intervals. People have liberation without any representation. Representative democracy: This is also known as indirect democracy; in this form of democracy, some people are elected to represent the masses. Whatever they say would [...]

JSS2 Home Economics Third Term: Immunisation

What is Immunisation? Immunization prevents children against diseases. This is the process by which an individual’s immune system becomes fortified against disease causing agents (known as the immunogen). Immunization is done through various techniques, most commonly vaccination. Vaccines against microorganisms that cause diseases can prepare the body’s immune system, thus helping to fight or prevent an [...]

SS2 Agricultural Science Third Term: Animal Nutrition (II)

Types of Ration Diet and their Uses Diet – This is defined as the amount of feed regularly given to or consumed by an animal. It is formulated to meet specific metabolic and physiological functions as regards growth, development, lactation, reproduction and egg laying. Ration – This is the total supply of feed given to [...]

SS2 Mathematics Third Term: Determination of the Mean, Median and Mode of Grouped Frequency Data (Revision)

How to Determine the Mean, Median and Mode from Grouped Frequencies To better explain how to determine the mean, median and mode of grouped frequency data, we will work with common, relatable examples as you can see below- Ade timed 21 people in the sprint race, to the nearest second: 59, 65, 61, 62, 53, [...]

SS1 Financial Accounting Third Term: Bad Debts Recovered

What are Bad Debts Recovered Sometimes, it so happens that the bad   debts previously written off get recovered. When this happens, the amount so recovered is a gain and hence   credited to the bad debt recovered account. Such recovered debts are known as Bad Debt Recovered. When bad debts are recovered from debtors [...]

JSS2 English Language Third Term: Spoken English /θ/ and /ð/ and Skill Focus: Planning an Interview

/θ/ and /ð/ In this unit, we practise some more sounds that cause a lot of difficulty to some learners, /θ/ and /ð/. They are called ‘th’ sounds because they are both spelled in this way. If you are not sure that you are pronouncing either of the ‘th’ sounds well, make the tip of your [...]

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