SS1 Biology Third Term – Functioning Ecosystem

Biology SS 1 Third Term

Week 7

Topic: Functioning Ecosystem


An ecosystem is a basic functioning unit in nature. It is made up of living organisms (plants and animals) and their non-living environment. The biotic or living components such as the producers and consumers interact in their environment resulting in the ecosystem being a functional unit.

Autotrophs, Heterotrophs and […]

SS2 Civic Education Third Term: Interpersonal Relationships

Meaning of Interpersonal Relationship

Interpersonal Relationship has been explained to be the social association, connection or affiliation between two or more people. An interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring.
Characteristics of Interpersonal Relationship

1. Interpersonal communication involves independent individuals. […]

SS3 English Language Second Term: Revision on Direct and Indirect Speech

Grammatical Structure: Direct and Indirect Speech

The word ‘reported’ is often used for the second type; but the truth is that we can ‘report’ EITHER by using ‘direct speech’ OR by using ‘indirect speech’. The difference is that with direct speech we reproduce the actual words of a speaker; with indirect speech we do […]

Provision for bad Debt and Provision for Discount Allowed and Received

Provision for Bad Debt
The provision for bad debts has to do with making room in the balance sheet account for instances when a client is unable to redeem their debt. Also known as Allowance for Bad Debts, it makes provision for Bad Debts as a contra asset account (i.e., an asset account with a credit […]

Meet the Teenager who built a rechargeable Radio

His name is Oyedele Olalekan and he is a JSS3 student of Ajinare Grammar School in Ido, Ekiti State. Olalekan recently invented his very own radio, a rechargeable one at that which interestingly also serves dual purposes. In other words it is not just a radio, but a dual purpose gadget comprising of […]

OPINION: Disparity in Unity Schools’ Cut-Off Marks as an Albatross

A young girl seeking admission into any of the country’s 104 Federal Government Colleges (Unity Schools) from Anambra State must score 139 points out of a possible 300 to stand a chance of being taken.

But her counterpart from Zamfara state only needs to guess two answers right; in order words, she […]

Have you Learnt the Algebraic Symbols?


Symbol Name
Meaning / definition

x variable
unknown value to find
when 2x = 4, then x = 2

identical to

equal by definition
equal by definition

equal by definition
equal by definition

approximately equal
weak approximation
11 ~ 10

approximately equal
sin(0.01) ≈ 0.01

proportional to
proportional to
y ∝ x when y = kx, k constant

infinity symbol

much less than
much less than
1 ≪ 1000000

much greater than
much greater than
1000000 ≫ 1

( )
calculate expression inside first
2 * (3+5) = 16

calculate expression inside […]

Classwork Series {Home Economics – JSS3}: Immunization

Home Economics JSS3

Week 8



What is Immunization?

Toys for Children

Laundering Baby’s Clothes


Immunization prevents children against diseases. This is the process by which an individual’s immune system becomes fortified against disease causing agents (known as the immunogen). […]

9 Most Annoying Things Adults Say To Teens About Love

It’s pretty much inevitable that, at some point during your teen years, you’ll be rejected or dumped or even heart broken. And when that happens, it’s likely that a well-meaning parent or mentor will try to cheer you up with some unsolicited, cliché advice. Here are the most common pearls of cringe-inducing adult […]

Classwork Series {Home Economics – JSS2}: Family House

Home Economics JSS2

Week 7



A Family house is a building in which members of the house live together. There are several areas in a family house.

The functional areas of a family house are used for different purposes. The functional areas include […]

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