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United Kingdom

What Was the MAGNA CARTA? And How Did It Shape Our World?

I am sure that you are aware that Nigeria was a former British colony, and that our laws were formed along the framework of the British common law. That being the case, how did the British come about their system of laws, which would later invariably influence ours. Look no further, or shall I say, [...]

“You Are Never Too Young To Start” Two Teen Entrepreneurs Speak From Experience

In the third and final of our series on entrepreneurship, we will consider two teens - one who invented the sport equipment she needed but couldn't find, and the other who designed an anti-bullying app for victims of bullying. Hope you enjoy! Rachel Zietz, 15, Founder, Gladiator Lacrosse She couldn't find a certain equipment she needed [...]

Science Shows How We Flush Billions of Naira Down the Drain Yearly

Scientists have found trace amounts of copper, gold and silver in sewage as well as lost jewelry which they believe get into the sewers through a myriad of ways. What Are the Sources? They can get into sewers from precious metals which are increasingly being used in shampoos, cleaning products, cosmetics and detergents; shavings from [...]

Pi: A Very Important Number With Its Own Very Special Day

If you are a student of Mathematics, you would have heard of this famous number, pi, or represented by the Greek symbol, π. You also know that it simply describes how the circumference of a circle varies with its diameter, and that it is the ratio of the two. It is roughly 3.14, but not [...]

This is What the New and Modern TITANIC II Will Look Like

Following the sinking of the well-documented, and world famous Titanic on the night of April 14-15 1912 after it struck an ice berg; Australian billionaire, Clive Palmer is set to build and launch the new Titanic. Working with teams around the world, he is set to recreate the famous ship which will be named Titanic [...]

Interesting Country Facts (United Kingdom)

Great Britain, officially United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is often referred to simply as Britain or United Kingdom. The capital of Great Britain and its largest city is London. The United Kingdom consists of England, Wales, Scotland (which together make up Great Britain) and Northern Ireland. Fast Facts about the United Kingdom 1.  The capital [...]