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Allergic To Some Foods? Get All Your Facts Here

Hard as you may find it to believe, some of the foods you eat may be harmful to you or your friends. For a fact, food allergy cases have increased significantly since the days of your parents and you would be surprised by the rising trends in food allergies, and the somewhat little things that [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Science – JSS1}: Prevention Of STIs, HIV/AIDS

Basic Science Topic: Prevention of STIs, HIV/AIDS Introduction It is not all diseases that are air-borne, water-borne or soil-borne. Some are transmitted through sexual intercourse. These diseases are known as venereal diseases. The common venereal diseases are gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV/AIDS. These diseases are always chronic, affecting and damaging the organs and systems and eventually [...]

The difference between bacteria and viruses

Okay, so many of you are confused differentiating between bacteria and viruses. You see, bacteria are microscopic and they live just about everywhere, including extreme environments like hot springs and radioactive waste. Now, you can wag a finger at bacteria for things like ear infections and strep throat, but most types aren't harmful, and in [...]

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