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In Life And As an Entrepreneur, These 10 Words Are the Keys That Open Doors

According to an article by Jayson Demers on entrepreneur.com, what we get either in the form of cooperation or assistance from others depend to a large degree on how we present our arguments and requests. Whether in life or business, these 10 words may well be the difference between assent and decline. Consider for yourselves. 1. [...]

How Can I Talk To My Parents?

An Open Line of Communication Have you ever tried talking to your parents, but the words did not come out right? Perhaps it did, but they were not listening, and you were cut off eventually. It could also be that your parents wanted to talk, but you would rather not. What should you [...]

Are You Dating Without Even Knowing? Check Out What These Teenage Dating Words Mean!

If you are a teen, you must have had encounters with fellow teens on social media. Do you often find yourself asking whenever a girl favorites your Instagram, does this mean she likes me? Are you a girl who have often wondered to herself, if he puts me up as his profile picture, does that [...]