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Teens! Here are the Two Things you should Know before Thinking of Having Sex

For the average teen, loosing the virginity is not just a fleeting experience.  Instead, it is an experience that comes with a lot of physical changes, emotional uncertainties and in most times uncomfortable consequences. By the way, by "uncomfortable consequences, I mean the chances of unwanted pregnancies and the likelihood of sexually transmitted diseases. But [...]

Opinion: “Social Injustices in Nigerian Secondary Schools and Implications for Education Reform”

Whenever intense discussions about reforming Nigeria’s education system emerges in the public square or policy corridors, they are usually triggered by the release of yet another (!) poor WAEC/Jamb exam results. If you think further, you will see that these discussions are perpetually led by adults and fueled by their ‘21st century’ economic aspirations for [...]

Teaching Entrepreneurship in Nigerian Secondary Schools is inevitable [SEE]

This morning, I read about how the Nigerian Educational and Research Development Council (NERDC) collaborated with the United National Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) have launched an entrepreneurship curriculum to be used for teaching senior secondary school students. The first thing that came to my mind is that this initiative couldn't have come at a better [...]

Take note Teens: Tips for taking Care of your Nails

Right early on in life, we get told how very necessary it is for us to always keep our nails clean. And what better way to keep the nails clean than to trim them, right? Trimming the nails help to prevent dirt from getting collected in them, said dirt which is then unknowing transferred to [...]

Incredible Places Part One: The Atlantic Ocean Road

The Atlantic Ocean Road is no doubt an architectural masterpiece. But beyond that, it is also what I like to call an architectural monstrosity! When I first learnt about the place, the first thing that occurred to my Nigerian mind was that such a road couldn't possibly exist. I mean...imagine building a highway (and I [...]

You won’t believe the Mansion Wizkid reportedly owns in Los Angeles!

Wizkid is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest Nigerian celebrities. His net worth is estimated at a staggering 14 million dollars, a sum that almost makes him a billionaire when converted to the naira. He makes most of his monney from his music which are sold on major music distribution channels such as ITunes, Spinlet etc. A [...]

GTBank sponsors the 2017 Ogun State Principals’ Cup; Season Five

Foremost African Financial Institution, Guaranty Trust Bank plc has announced the commencement of the 2017 edition of the GTBank–Ogun State Principals’ Cup Season Five at a press conference held on Thursday, March 2, 2017, at the Cinema Hall, June 12 Cultural Center, Kuto, Abeokuta, Ogun State. GTBank has been at the forefront of promoting grassroots [...]

Boys! Do you want to grow some Beards faster? Let me show you the Secrets

Teenagers, especially the male ones, always wish they could look older than their actual age. For them, the ability to look older than their actual age[s] would help them to assert their independence and maybe even woo the girls. But then boys have one thing to their disadvantage- their hormones which typically tend to develop [...]

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