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How This Bullied Teen Turned His Anger Into Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Have you been at the receiving end of cruel jokes, remarks, and beatings by bully schoolmates? Perhaps you feel there can be no way out of the daily torment, and for you, going to school can be compared to the feelings of an anxious soldier dispatched to the battle front. You may be sad, angry, [...]

5 Tips For Walking To and From School Safely and Without Incidence

A lot of students walk to and from school, while some others take some other form of transportation and walk the rest of the way. Whatever your situation, how can you ensure that your walk to and from school is safe and without incidence? Consider thus: 1. Walk In Groups   Walk with at least [...]

Girls Can Be Disturbed by Hostility and Bullying!

According to Wikipedia, Odd Girl Out is a 2005 drama telefilm  based on the book Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls by Rachel Simmons. It sheds light onto the topic of school hostility and bullying among girls. Vanessa Snyder (Alexa Vega) is a well-respected eighth grader in her school. She has a loving single, divorced mother, Barbara (Lisa Vidal), who [...]

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8 Ways To Beat A Bully Without Using Your Fists

Bullying can take up any form. It could be physical, social or even verbal. Whatever the case, these 8 steps will ensure that you set yourself free from the hands of a bully. Like anything that's worth the price, it requires one to be courageous, and resilient. Consider the 8: Be prepared: Think beforehand about [...]

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What Teachers Can Do To Prevent Bullying

Bullying has become a worldwide epidemic, and it needs to be prevented as much as possible. All you need to do is a quick internet search to find horrific stories of how bullies have devastated the lives of students and their families. Educators and teachers need to know how to prevent bullying and stop it [...]

Anti Bullying Day 2015: 7 Ways You’re Being A Bully Without Even Knowing It

Today is World Anti-Bullying Day! Not everyone has heard of the event, but Anti Bullying Day is starting to spread in popularity. Also known as The Day of Pink, Anti Bullying Day is the International Day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Transmisogyny across the world. Bullying is something that is so common that sometimes [...]

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Why Nigerian Secondary Schools Are Responsible For The Worship Of Our Leaders

In Nigeria we are primed to fear from an early age. Fear our leaders, fear our teachers, fear our pastors and then fear our seniors in secondary school. We are taught to fear so much that it becomes a subconscious almost comical part of our life. We see the driver that literarily bows almost prostrates [...]

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Shocking: Two Senegalese Boys Got Beat Up And Called “Ebola” In US School

Two African brothers who recently moved to the United States were attacked in school on Friday, NBC New York reports. The boys, who are in sixth and eighth grade, were hospitalized after being severely injured by people who called them "Ebola," according to the African Advisory Council, a group that advocates for Africans in the [...]

‘I was bullied for being SKINNY’- Tiwa Savage narrates high school ordeal

Attributing the fame of MAVIN songstress Tiwa Savage to her vocal and dance skills alone would be a bit out of place but mention her well toned body and you are right on point. Surprisingly, the same body for which she is now tagged sexy, was a source of worry to her as a young [...]

Is being ignored WORSE than being bullied? Experts claim rejection is more psychologically damaging

The famous quote claims the only thing in life worse than being talked about, is not being talked about - and a new study may have proved this to be the case. Being ignored at school has been found to be worse for a person’s health than people who are harassed or bullied. Researchers found [...]

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