SS2 Physics Third Term: Sound Wave

The Velocity of Sound Waves
Since there are three states of matter, it means there must be three velocities for the three states, because experimentally three states are not the same. The velocity varies from medium to medium.

The velocity of sound in air, for dry air at 00C is approximately 330m/s, but at room temperature, it […]

SS2 Computer Science Third Term: Algorithms and Flowcharts

Algorithms and Flowcharts
Algorithm and  Flowchart are the two basic terms which aid the development of a software package conveniently.

Algorithm: Is a step wise set of finite instructions written to solve a problem, it will be easier to code a program after writing a well prepared algorithm. An algorithm is an effective method that can be expressed […]

SS2 Mathematics Third Term: Cumulative Frequency Graph

Cumulative Frequency Graphs: What is it?

Cumulative frequency is the running total of the frequencies. On a graph, it can be represented by a cumulative frequency polygon, where straight lines join up the points, or a cumulative frequency curve.


Cumulative Frequency:


(4 + 6)

(4 + 6 + 3)

(4 + 6 + 3 + 2)

(4 + 6 + 3 […]

JSS1 Business Studies Third Term: Consumer, Market and Society

Meaning of a Consumer
A consumer is a person or group of people who buys and uses a product or service at a particular time. A consumer is the end user of a product and this is the one who completes the process of production.
A customer
A customer is a regular buyer of a product or service […]

SS3 Biology Second Term: Heredity (Genetics)

All living organisms reproduce. Reproduction results in the formation of offspring of the same kind. A pea plant produces only pea plants each time it reproduces. A rat produces only rats. Humans produce only humans. However, the resulting offspring need not and most often do not totally resemble the parent. Several characteristic differences may occur […]

Militants Kidnap 6 Students from Lagos School barely a Year after Kidnapping another Six from same School in 2016

An unknown gang of militants yesterday kidnapped six male students of Lagos State Model College at Igbonle, Epe in what most people are characterising as a reminiscent occurrence. It is being reported that the kidnappers earlier wrote the school management earlier in the week to inform them of the impending strike.

 Unfortunately, […]

Sex Education: What every Teen Needs to Know

Every single day, a teenager somewhere experiences puberty; those dramatic bodily changes that herald active sexual maturity. In the light of this, there is a need to continually teach these teenagers everything they need  about sex. That said, take your time and read through the fast facts about sex education. We hope you […]

These simple Maths Tricks will Make you Love the Subject!

It is no news that many students hate Mathematics. We don’t blame them; Maths can actually be very difficult. But what if we told you that there are some simple tricks that will help you solve those mathematical problems easily and maybe even make you fall in love with the subject? Certainly! Now […]

Reasons why ICT is indispensable in the Education Process

It is alarming that in 2017, some schools are still reluctant to fully make use of the opportunities provided by information technology. Agreed, quite a number of schools are ICT non-compliant not necessarily because they so desire, but because they lack the resources to do so. Yet, there are schools that could afford […]

Attention Teens! Here is a Lesson on Gratitude

A blast of cold air to his face… That’s the last thing Makinde remember after he  walked into the banking hall just before everything went blank. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in a crowded hospital Ward. It had been two days, and there was  a bandage on his neck […]

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