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Putting facts to memory by brute force will not make you gain the most important result from studying, which is, comprehension. And to be honest, it will be very boring. Studying should be fun – all about thoughtful exploration and discovering new things. When we cram things, we tend to forget them immediately our tests [...]

Civic Education – Inter-communal Relationship

CIVIC SS2 WEEK 6 Topic: Relationship II: Inter-communal Relationship Contents: Meaning of Inter-communal Relationship Importance of Inter-communal Relationship Skills needed for Resolving Inter-communal Conflicts 1. Meaning of Inter-communal Relationship Inter-communal Relationship is a relationship which exists between two or more communities. One of the main objectives of any good government is to bring government close [...]

4 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp During Exams

Your brain is your most prized possession since it is the seat of learning and memory. It is important for all task, great or small - even the seemingly simple act of recognising words -, and more importantly so during examinations when you need it to bring back to your mind important details. In keeping [...]

Did You Know That a 20-Minute Walk Can Save Your Life?

If you are inactive, simply adding a brisk 20-minute walk each day could reduce your risk of death by as much as 30%. Surprised? Doctors have explained that a lack of exercise increases premature death risk twice as much as being obese, according to a large study. Inactivity in this case is often caused by [...]

Should I Really Care About a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle begins with small, regular steps Has your mother always insisted that you eat right, or that you make healthy food choices? What has always been your reply? Do you enjoy junk food, or get carried away once you've opened that packet of biscuits, or that bag of fried chips? Have [...]

Should I Care So Much About How I Look?

How do I look? This is a question almost everyone has asked at one time or the other, perhaps standing in front of a glass mirror or relying on the opinions of others to reach conclusions about our appearance.Why do we care about how we look? Should we even care at all? When is it [...]

13 Health Tips For Teens By World-Famous Dr Mehmet Oz

1. They don't have to be all at once. Make it a point to be active and get your body moving. Setting a tangible goal - like 10,000 steps a day - is a great way to start if you're not already active. 2. Find a friend who you're comfortable talking with about healthy habits. [...]

5 Lifestyles That Weaken Your Bones

No one ever thinks they’re really going to grow old. The last thing on your mind when you’re in your teens and twenties is what your life will be like in a few decades. Yet so many women wish they could turn back the clock and just be a little kinder to themselves. The harsh [...]

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The newest superfood? WALKING – and experts say it’s far better for you than intense bursts of exercise

Fitness experts have revealed the latest 'superfood' - and it'll cost you a lot less than vegs or fruits. They say walking is the 'superfood of fitness' and that it may be far better for you than bursts of intense exercise. Scientist Katy Bowman has explained in her book, 'Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through [...]

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