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Financial Freedom

5 Things To Know Before You Are 18

(By Yoma Victor) We go through school for years: 2 years in pre-nursery, 3 years in nursery, 5 - 6 years in primary school, 5 - 6 years in secondary school, and between 4 - 8 years in university. Actually in this day and age, it happens to be at least 18 years of schooling, [...]

#PNN E-MENTORING (Yoma Victor): How To Generate Income (As A Teenager)

Income as I've defined, is reward gained in exchange for value delivered. This could be in the form of money, or any other agreed form of compensation. Meaning, income can be money or property or shares or clothes, etc. Every money or multiplication of money you received is tied to some sort of value you [...]

#PNNE-MENTORING (Yoma Victor): If you want to be RICH, you must START now!

The Money Question! What is money? Clearly, many people have never sat down to really answer this question. As important as the subject of what money is, we have run away from engaging it directly. For most people, their behaviour and their way of life indicate that money is simply what you use to get [...]

#PNN E-Mentoring (Yoma Victor): The Power Of Imagination – 1

"What do you see?” a father asked his son as they sped down a highway on a trip to see his grandparents. The son said excitedly, "trees moving backwards"; his father smiled and asked him again, "look carefully, what do you see on both sides of the road?"; the son replied, "I see the trees [...]

#PNN E-Mentoring (Yoma Victor): If You Are Above 12, It’s Too Late Already!

I recently started meditating on a particularly popular story of a world-renowned successful man. He grew up in a particularly interesting culture where they are trained and brought up to be successful. Theirs is such an interesting and effective method that today they are regarded as the most successful ethnic group on earth. They aren't [...]

#PNN E-Mentoring (Yoma Victor): The Power of Imagination – 3 (+ 10 free tickets to a Financial Intelligence Workshop)

There is the very interesting story of a young boy who was such a nuisance to his dad. The dad was working on his office assignment he had brought home, but his son wanted to play with him. So to keep the little boy busy, his dad took a magazine centre spread with the map [...]

#PNN E-Mentoring (Yoma Victor): The Power of Imagination – 2 (+ Free tickets to a Financial Intelligence Workshop)

Continued from last week You are what you think. You won't do anything that is largely different from how you see the world. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he - The Bible. If the way you see the world is like the little boy who thinks the trees are moving, you [...]

#PNN E-Mentoring (Yoma Victor): Seeing With Your Mind – 4

It is said that "you are the same person you were five years ago except for two things - the books you have read, and the people you have met". Two weeks ago, we dealt with books, and how much books can change our perceptions and paradigms. Books are a depository of  valuable information, ideas [...]

#PNN E-Mentoring (Yoma Victor): Seeing With Your Mind – 3

Our lives move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts. That was the concept we ended with last week. The question now is, if this is true, how then do we ensure control over our most dominant thought? How do we ensure that we can choose our most dominant thought? How do we influence [...]

#PNN E-Mentoring (Yoma Victor): Seeing With Your Mind – 2

Continued from last week What is the value of your mind? We are all products of our thoughts. Our lives, our successes, strength, attitude, tenacity, insight, intelligence, etc are all a product of the mind. So it means that if we are going to have a great life, we must as a matter of necessity, [...]

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