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Making The Most of The School Holidays

It is the favourite time for children everywhere, Schools are about to start preparing for the close of session and there is a long break to look forward to. It is time to watch movies and go out and hang out with friends. Yes, it is time for all these things but there are also [...]

5 Holiday Jobs a Teen Can Do to Make Money

Blogging & Other Online Jobs: Every teen can enjoy their holiday and make money by getting involved in blogging. Like alec.co.uk noted, Online jobs for teens that are good at writing include producing articles that you could sell to online businesses or you could even create your very own blog. If you create a blog, [...]

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Counting Down Until School Resumes? These 5 Scenarios Will Definitely Put You In the “Spirit of Resumption”

Are you counting down the days to resumption? 13 days to go...10 days, 9, 8 and so on? Perhaps, it's bittersweet for you - the fact that all those fun, lazy days are over and you will have to resume normal school routine, learn new material, and do homework (ugh!). But you also know that all [...]

The Plane Crash That Changed the Shape of Airplane Windows

If you have ever travelled on an airplane and have an inquisitive mind, you may have wondered why airplane windows are oval shaped. Couldn't they have come in any other shape - square, rectangle, or what have you?   It turns out there's a very important reason for that. At a time, airplanes had square [...]