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12 Funny Rituals That Students Around the World Do Just Before Exams

Exam periods are stressful periods for students, whether you live in Nigeria, Canada, Sweden, South Korea or New Zealand. Below are some rituals that students claim get them through their exams, and in flying colours too! Consider thus: In the month before exams, I do wash my hair properly but I do not dare to [...]

Answers To Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Airplanes, Flying, and Safety

Ever flown on a plane? If yes, have you ever caught yourself mulling over dark thoughts like: What will happen if the plane gets struck by lightning? How safe is it to fly on an airplane? And how effective are the safety precautions? Well, you have good reasons to! After all, you are more or [...]

Leopard Finds Its Way Into School, Attacks 3 Persons

Three people were mauled when a leopard entered school grounds in the Indian city of Bangalore, leading officials on an all-day mission to subdue the animal. Surveillance video of the attack which happened on Sunday showed the big cat chasing terrified men around the school's swimming pool, leaping on them and mauling them as they [...]

To Marry Me, a Fair Girl Must Pass My ”Proof of Complexion” Exam – Rapper, MI

Getting a cosmetic fix today is as easy as getting sweets from the petty trader down the street, and just as cheap as asking a Yaba or Idumota trader to ''mix cream'' for you; especially those ''extra-whitening'' ones that will get the job done in half the time, and have twice the effect. This is [...]

Interesting Country Facts (India)

India is a country in South Asia. It is the Seventh-Largest country by area and second-largest by population and most populous democracy in the world. India is bordered by the countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, China, Nepal, and Pakistan. Fast Facts about India 1. The capital of India is New Delhi, and the country’s largest cities [...]

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WEIRD: Doctors remove 232 teeth from teen boy’s mouth

Doctors in India have extracted 232 teeth from the mouth of a 17-year-old boy in a seven-hour operation. Ashik Gavai was brought in with a swelling in his right jaw, Dr Sunanda Dhiware, head of Mumbai’s JJ Hospital’s dental department, told the BBC. The teenager had been suffering for 18 months and travelled to the [...]

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