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Guard Your Money, Know The Difference Between Simple and Compound Interest

Understanding the difference between simple interest and compound interest is a very important concept if you are trying to create wealth. Compound interest is like travelling in a rocket while simple interest is like doing the same on a bicycle when you compare the two over time. Let’s look at the following example. Simple Interest Imagine [...]

5 Ways To Identify a Terribly Bad Teacher

I will bet you have been in situations where you wonder if a certain teacher really deserves to be called that! It appears some of them stumbled into it; like they took up the offer only because there was nothing better. Well, I have been there too. So, here is a little test - who says [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises: The Right Attitude To Work

Business Studies JSS2 Topic: The Right Attitude to Work Contents: Meaning of attitude Attribute of right attitude to work Consequences of a negative attitude to work A. What Is Attitude? Attitude involves feelings, values, beliefs and disposition that make individuals to act or behave in a certain way. The right attitude to work is the [...]