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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens 

According to E. Patrick C., Sean Covey has followed in his famous father’s footsteps (Stephen Covey is the author of many self-help books) and written the definitive success guide for teens, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Today’s teens are busier and more stressed than ever before. With school, hours of homework, athletics, jobs, [...]

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5 Important Skills You Must Learn To Succeed In Life

Life has never been a bed of roses to those that are desirous of being successful in life. Life in itself is packaged with a number of challenges for all and sundry but there are certain skills that are necessary to surmount these challenges just as you have different applications on your smartphones to help [...]

Dealing with the Challenges of Leading Teams with Diverse Personalities

Although every student leader wants to lead a strong team, those who have done it find that there are certain challenges that come with the satisfaction of leading such team. It is not an easy task to build and lead a team because they are made of people with differing characteristics. Some are gentle and [...]

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Why the Way of Leadership Can Be That of Discipline

I have come across different leaders in different part of the world and one thing that I find common to all of them is the discipline they all possess. It is not wrong to say that exceptional Leadership is learnable but the way to go about it is the way of hard work and self-discipline. [...]

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Are You a “Born Entrepreneur”? These 8 Outstanding Qualities Of an Entrepreneur Will Tell You

It has been said that entrepreneurship is the “new normal”. What this means is that in this generation, more people are looking to be an entrepreneur than being an employee. But then you ask: “People must still work in businesses created by entrepreneurs, won’t they?” And you would be absolutely correct! Not everyone will be [...]

Get To Know About Leaders That Are Changing the World: Case Study of Mark Zuckerberg

Recently, I came across a striking statement from a Leadership Expert, John C. Maxwell, he said, “Just as Change is a constant phenomenon so also is Leadership, and as such, everything rises and falls on Leadership”. It struck me primarily because I’m a Leader and as it appears, in my sphere of influence, everything rises [...]

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