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Learn To Ask: Is There A Better Way To Do Things?

A lot of young minds are usually on the lookout for the right answers. I don’t seem to comprehend why this happens but to the best of my understanding, I know there are no entirely right custom-made answers for different circumstances but they are options and better options to get things done. People that are [...]

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4 Important Questions That Will Tell You Whether People Will Buy What You Are Selling

  Someone once said "Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come". But then comes the question, how do I know if my business idea is a hero or a zero? Consider below the four all-important questions that will help you check people's acceptance of a product. 1. What Is My Product? You need to be [...]

4 Easy Ways to Know When Someone is Lying

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel you are not being told the whole truth, but there was no way to find things out exactly? Well, there's help for you now, and with these simple tips, you can gently - but surely - coax the truth out of a liar's mouth (without [...]

How Can I Talk To My Parents?

An Open Line of Communication Have you ever tried talking to your parents, but the words did not come out right? Perhaps it did, but they were not listening, and you were cut off eventually. It could also be that your parents wanted to talk, but you would rather not. What should you [...]