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Selena Gomez

12 Things You Didn’t Know about Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is an American actress and singer. Who appeared as a child in the children's television series Barney & Friends, Gomez rose to fame as the leading role in the Disney channel series Wizards of Waverly Place (2007–2012). Due to the success of the series, Gomez worked on various films, television shows, and musical [...]

Awesome Traits of July Born People

Here is a close look at the Characteristics Of People Born In The Month Of “July“. So If you are born in this month, You can check out these amazing characteristics. These are some of the many points on which you’ll find these peoples nature most likely.  They are concerned about people’s feelings. After-all, everyone is [...]

Selena Gomez Flees Mansion Because of Stalker

Only a year and a half after purchasing her beautiful Calabasas mansion, Selena Gomez is packing up and moving again. Selena originally purchased the home for $3.7 million (about ₦736 million). Although her home is located in a gated community, and has several security cameras installed, this is also where Selena had to make several [...]

I Will Always Love Selena – Justin Bieber

Jelena are an example of what a healthy relationship should be like, though separated, they still care a great deal about each other. Justin Bieber has come clean about how many songs his ex-girlfriend inspired on his new album, Purpose. I wrote a song [that] didn't make the album. It was called 'If I Would [...]

What Selena Gomez Recently Said About Justin Bieber

Even though Jelena (portmanteau word for Justin and Selena in case you didn't know) have gone their separate ways, Selena Gomez still wants to be supportive of her ex, Justin Bieber, at least according to Hollywood Life. Sources claim that Selena allegedly reached out to Justin's mom after he got upset with fans and walked out of [...]

Duck Face Is Over! The New Selfie Face is Fish Gape!!

Do you take selfies? If Yes, you must have done the duck face - it involves pressing your lips together into a pout, and sucking in your cheeks. That's a duck face. But that's over, duck face is over and out! The new selfie face is the fish gape, it is basically simple - slightly [...]

Selena Gomez says ‘world was against’ her and Bieber during bumpy relationship

In a recent interview with V magazine, Selena Gomez opened up like never before about her relationship with Justin Bieber, though she did not mention his name. “I think the next time (I have a boyfriend) will be much different… which will definitely not be anytime soon,” she told James Franco, who conducted the interview [...]

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to reunite again

Selena Gomez reportedly feels she ‘overreacted’ to Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner‘s date in Paris. The 22-year-old singer believes she may have jumped to conclusions about her on/off boyfriend and the 18-year-old model’s lunch date in France last month, which is the second time really. A source told the HollywoodLife.com: ‘She hasn’t said that she’s [...]

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Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Fight: She was disappointed he didn’t Propose!

Selena Gomez allegedly thought Justin Bieber would propose to her during their trip to Paris last week. The 22-year-old singer reportedly got into a blazing row with her on/off boyfriend, whom she first started dating in 2010, after he failed to pop the question during their romantic getaway to France for Paris Fashion Week. A [...]

Video: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Get Into A Huge Fight After Dinner Date

Right before Selena and Justin got on a plane to Paris, they got into a huge fight while at Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten — and it was all captured on video. Do you think Selena & Justin are done for good? We have the video below.

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