Why can’t Teenagers survive without Friends?

Has it ever crossed your mind that most teenagers can barely handle life without  friends? For them, friendship is everything. And this explains why most teens would rather  spend their time hanging out with friends than with their siblings and much less with their parents. But why really is this the case? Let’s […]

Ajoke: the girl who went missing (1)

She was the apple of her parents’ eyes and her name was Ajoke. Conceived after so many years of waiting patiently, the countless rumours of her mother’s barrenness and the endless troubles caused by her paternal grandma, she was a healthy beautiful child who soon blossomed into a teenager. But then Ajoke had […]

Why every Teenager should be actively involved in their School’s extracurricular activities

Most extracurricular activities in schools are generally fun, which is why it is surprising when some students would rather just avoid it and pursue some other interests they find more appealing. And I am like come on…we are talking about extracurricular activities; good stuff for you! Why would anybody in their right mind […]

Setting Realistic Goals as Students: What does it Really Mean?

There is a science behind goal-setting and that science works with one law which is that when you set goals, you subconsciously invest yourself into achieving such goals. Your brain believes that obtaining this goal is an essential part of who you are; hence the subconscious investment of your time and effort. […]

Throwback to that Moment when Ciara Visited two Secondary Schools in Lagos

Last March, American RnB star Ciara visited Nigeria to headline Dare Art Alade’s much publicized  Love Like A Movie 3 concert. Trust that she gave a very interesting performance that had everyone talking for days. But perhaps the one very important aspect of her visit (which sadly many people didn’t get to talk about […]

Practical Education: Here are a few things Schools should encourage Students to do

School typically make provisions for extra curricular activities. And inasmuch as said provisions are good (talk about debates, quiz and excursions), there is still need to incorporate a whole lot of other things into the mix. That is why I have come up with a few suggestions as you shall see below. Interestingly, […]

Here are some of the Things that happen to Teenagers when they are infatuated

 Have you ever been infatuated? Well if you have, you’d have noticed the following weird behaviours…

When you can’t help but break into a grin whenever the name of your crush comes up in conversation. And then  when your friends notice, you go like What, me, beaming like an idiot? Noway. There’s no […]

The Different Types of Friends you may have…

There are many characters in every close-knit group of friends. There are the funny ones, the annoying ones, the compassionate ones and the touché ones. There are also the religious ones, the loutish ones, the serious ones and the lucky go lucky ones. Indeed there are typically several characters, which make me wonder […]

Behold: Everyday Images of Nigerian Secondary School Life

Mind you, there is nothing to see here other than some interesting images of Nigerian Secondary School Students in school, either learning or just hanging out. Please relax, look through the images and do let me know in the comment section if you can see yourself. Lol. Alright then…

IF YOU A […]

How Can Teachers Inculcate Healthy-living Habits in Teens?

Let’s face the fact; an unhealthy person can hardly do anything meaningful in life. And considering that teenagers are not immune to ill health, it suffices to say that diseases of various kinds can seriously affect their academic productivity. Now there are two broad types of diseases- the communicable and non-communicable diseases- and […]

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