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Classwork Series and Exercises {Social Studies – JSS2}: Family Life Education

Social Studies, JSS 2, Week 1 Topic: Family life Education Content: Meaning of family life Education The importance of sex Education Meaning of Family Life Education Family life Education is the form of educating the family member on important and general issues needed for the development  of their personal and general life. It also refers [...]

Understanding the Difference Between Lust, Love & Infatuation

Love, Lust and Infatuation are very different things entirely. In this post, I try to point out those differences. LOVE Love is not an emotion. It isn't some warm fuzzy feeling that you get. Your ability to love is based on you, not anyone else. You love because of who you are. Your partner doesn't [...]

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4 Questions You Should Ask Before Rushing Into Sex

Choosing if to have sex for the first time is one of the heaviest decisions of a person's life. Sex can affect your relationship, your emotions, your health, and your future; so while you and your friends may think it is totally normal and natural to want to take things to the next level, I [...]

Think you’re ready for sex? READ THIS

(By Kayla Chanai) Today is a brand new day and a day to make better choices that will enhance our tomorrow. After our discussion last week and going through your responses, it was clear that sex is an interesting topic to you as it is to me and everyone else hence decisions regarding it must [...]

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As you attain the age of puberty, there are lots of changes happening in your body that may affect your daily lives, your feelings, your relationships with others and how you see yourself. Life can be pretty confusing as you deal with these changes but it can also be exciting and wonderful. Sexual arousal and sexual feelings [...]

Can I Have Sex As A Teenager?

Hi Admin, I'm a 19yr old who is into relationship with this guy, he is about 22yrs old. I love him so much and he loves me too. Sometimes, he likes to touch me and I allow him but of late, I stopped and he suddenly changed. Though he loves me but he wants more than [...]

Girl Talk: Is He Pressuring You For SEX? 10 Reasons To Say NO!!!

True love waits. If a boy truly loves you, he will want the best for you. He will want to experience love with you only in the very best place of all - the love nest of marriage. Having sex is something that other people can try to pressure us into when we don't want to. “The pressure on teenagers to [...]

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Fool Around With Your Crush

(By Holly Ashworth) This was in real fact, a question that was emailed to her. Question: Should I Fool Around With My Crush? My crush always asks me to fool around with him, like a friends with benefits thing (that is sex without a committed relationship). All my friends tell me I should stop it, [...]

10 Most Important Things Teens Should Know About Sex

True love waits. If a boy or girl truly loves you, they will want the best for you. They will not want you to suffer fear of disease, unwanted pregnancy and the psychological difficulties of premarital sex. They will want to experience love with you only in the very best place of all - the [...]

Girl Talk: 9 warning signs you shouldn’t date him

When you really like someone, it’s easy to ignore any of the red flags that they might not be, well… the best guy in the world. Even when the flags are flying high, and everyone else can see it, we tend to ignore the bad things about our crushes. We put on our rose-coloured glasses, [...]

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