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Teens and Peer Pressure: How To Deal With It

In school, you are faced with so many pressures. These are not just pressures from school like loads of homework, but you are also confronted with pressures from your peers to indulge in some activities. It may be pressure to smoke, to have sex, to take drugs or to cheat. Of course, you know very [...]

Improve Your Social Skills: How To Have Great Conversation With Anyone

Quality conversations are often satisfying and sometimes emotionally painful, depending on the topic being addressed. The characteristics that make a conversation worthwhile include honesty and respect. It is critical that everyone involved is attentive, engaged and invested. Otherwise, the communication will be ineffective and can lead to misinterpretations and hurt feelings, according to psychologist Clifford [...]

Should I Care So Much About How I Look?

How do I look? This is a question almost everyone has asked at one time or the other, perhaps standing in front of a glass mirror or relying on the opinions of others to reach conclusions about our appearance.Why do we care about how we look? Should we even care at all? When is it [...]

8 Ways To Beat A Bully Without Using Your Fists

Bullying can take up any form. It could be physical, social or even verbal. Whatever the case, these 8 steps will ensure that you set yourself free from the hands of a bully. Like anything that's worth the price, it requires one to be courageous, and resilient. Consider the 8: Be prepared: Think beforehand about [...]

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10 Ways To Be A More Attractive Teenager

If there's anything commonly desired by all humans is the need to naturally draw others to oursleves. We want to command attraction. Nobody wants to be avoided; we all want people to come around us. But how exactly can we do this? Below are 10 simple tips. Smile: A little smile on your face would [...]

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5 Ways You Can Make Your Day Great Everyday

We all experience it; in the morning, you are full of energy and ready for the day. But barely hours into the day, you have this torrent and cascading mixtures of feelings. All the energy and vibe you had in the morning....all gone like chaffs in the storm. You struggle to save your upbeat feelings [...]

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SEXTING: The Social Media Wake-Up Call We All Need Right Now

If any good may come out of the latest troubling incident involving the publication of graphic photos of teenagers posted on the social media sites, it is that it should serve as a wake-up call to both teens and parents. The nude and semi-nude images of teenagers, described as "graphic and horrific," show the dangers [...]

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How to deal with Bullying

Understanding the Full Picture When we think about bullying, images of playground confrontations flood our mind. But bullying is far more than what we really think. What is bullying? There are many myths surrounding bullying and it is important to separate the myths from the facts. The following are some of the ideologies of many [...]

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6 Truths about Lies

Every religion, race, creed, culture agree on one thing - lying is wrong. Being dishonest is a bad thing and immoral. Besides, it comes with consequences. Here are a number of reasons you shouldn't lie about anything. Trust me, I've been there. Lies are easily forgotten: You can never have problems remembering what you said [...]

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Guy Talk: 5 Reasons Girls Think You Are A Flirt

Hello guys....let's talk. First, I am not a flirt and nobody is saying you are. But these are reasons girls might think a guy is a flirt. 1. You use popular lines: You are overly complimentary. Have you heard yourself say these same complimentary lines to all the girls in your neighbourhood and school within [...]

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