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Two Qualities That Give Entrepreneurs an Advantage In Business

Research shows that a good reputation is worth real money. Doubt that? In fact, some studies show that a good reputation can serve as a collateral at the bank! Surprised?  No one knows it better than Warren Buffett who is willing to pay more for companies he sees as having more integrity, and is also [...]

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Are You a “Born Entrepreneur”? These 8 Outstanding Qualities Of an Entrepreneur Will Tell You

It has been said that entrepreneurship is the “new normal”. What this means is that in this generation, more people are looking to be an entrepreneur than being an employee. But then you ask: “People must still work in businesses created by entrepreneurs, won’t they?” And you would be absolutely correct! Not everyone will be [...]

How To Determine the Purpose Of Your Existence In 10 Short Minutes

People often talk about finding one's purpose like it's a task to be completed, and perhaps it is. But Sean Kelly, a contributor on entrepreneur.com, believes the purpose of your existence could be right there without you even realising it! Consider some of the pointers below: 1. Write Down What Activities In Life Give You More [...]

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7 Tips For Those Who Have Trust Issues in Their Relationships

Trust is like a white sheet of paper - a drop of oil is all it takes to mar it. Yes, the oil stain may be made less and less obvious, but there will always be lingering smudges reminding you of the stain. It does occur that the bond of trust in a relationship is [...]

Why You Need To Stop Procrastinating Now!

Ever heard the famous adage "Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today" Do you often find yourself doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and putting off important tasks to a later time, sometimes to the "last minute" before a deadline? Like waiting until the last week to [...]

Girl Talk: How Do You Know If You Can Trust A Guy?

Hi Admin, I’m 19 years old. Four years ago, my ex-boyfriend took advantage of me and was only interested in sex. Since then, I haven’t been in a relationship because I don’t trust guys. I want to grow up and get over my fear of not trusting guys, but I don’t know how. My ex [...]