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12 Funny Rituals That Students Around the World Do Just Before Exams

Exam periods are stressful periods for students, whether you live in Nigeria, Canada, Sweden, South Korea or New Zealand. Below are some rituals that students claim get them through their exams, and in flying colours too! Consider thus: In the month before exams, I do wash my hair properly but I do not dare to [...]

“You Are Never Too Young To Start” Two Teen Entrepreneurs Speak From Experience

In the third and final of our series on entrepreneurship, we will consider two teens - one who invented the sport equipment she needed but couldn't find, and the other who designed an anti-bullying app for victims of bullying. Hope you enjoy! Rachel Zietz, 15, Founder, Gladiator Lacrosse She couldn't find a certain equipment she needed [...]

The Interesting Stories of Babies Born On Airplane Flights and Other Matters

In 1990, a heavily pregnant Debbie Owen, accompanied by four-year-old daughter Claire, was flying from Ghana where she worked to London on a British Airways flight. Unexpectedly, she went into labour and was quickly moved into first class which was cleared of passengers. It was her good fortune that Dutch doctor, Wym Bakker, was also [...]

The World’s Third Richest Man Wants You To Do These With Your Money

What does one do with money? Spend it of course! is your most likely reply. While spending on yourself isn't a shabby idea, there's an even better idea. Increase your wealth and have so much more to spend!! But how does one go about doing this? Simply Invest, invest, and invest some more. Consider below [...]

Science Explains the Reason Your Hands Get Wrinkly After Exposure To Water

Dip your hands in water long enough, either while washing dishes or clothes, and you will notice the skin on your hands has become wrinkly! That's so very true! I can hear you gasp. But have you ever wondered why this is especially so, considering how skin covering the rest of your body and which you [...]

Remarkable People, Places and Events – Hillary Rodham Clinton

If you have been following world events this past week, then you must have heard of Hillary Clinton and how she became the first woman in U.S. history to be elected as the presidential nominee of a major political party. It's this feat of being the first woman to achieve such that has got people [...]

4 Lessons From an Entrepreneur Who Has Experienced Both Success And Failure

"If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, don't chase the money" are the words of Tomas Gorny, an entrepreneur whose life and business experiences will be the point of this post, as he emphasises the point that the creation of great things is actually more important than the accumulation of wealth. Do check out some [...]

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: The United States Declares Independence From Britain

On July 4 1776, the Continental Congress of the United States of America approved the Declaration of Independence, a revolutionary document in which the thirteen American colonies declared their freedom from British rule because of what they felt was oppression from the British government. Yet, it was actually on July 2 that the delegates voted [...]

LIBERIA: Country Formed By Freed Slaves & Whose Capital Is Named For an American President

I take it for granted that you already know some facts about Liberia. Like the one about her capital being Monrovia; that her President is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and that one of her citizens, George Oppong Weah is the only African footballer to have won the World and European Footballer of the Year Awards. Am [...]

This Teen May Face 40 Years in Prison For Filming and Abetting a Friend’s Rape

They were supposed to be friends, but when it mattered most, she showed her true colours. Marina Alexeevna Lonina, an 18-year-old woman in Ohio, United States, has recently been indicted for live streaming her 17-year-old friend's rape on Periscope. She faces up to 40 years in prison and has been charged with kidnap, rape, sexual [...]

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