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Fruits and Vegetables Are Healthy, But You May Be Eating Them Wrongly!

Nutritional guidelines recommend the consumption of at least five portions of fruit or vegetables each day for good health. Five portions mentioned here is not the target you should aim for, but the least amount that you eat. In that case, you may wonder if your daily diet of eating 5 apples, 3 oranges, ½ [...]

Why Everything Tastes So Awful Just After You Brush Your Teeth

You may think it might be the common mint flavour of toothpaste clashing with other flavours, but in the case of orange juice and many other things, this isn't actually what's going on. The culprit here is thought to be two compounds almost universally added to toothpastes -sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate, [...]

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Classwork Series and Exercises {Home Economics – JSS2}: Food Hygiene and Preparation

Home Economics JSS2 Week 3 Topic: FOOD HYGIENE AND PREPARATION Contents: Food  Hygiene Guidelines for Food Hygiene A. FOOD HYGIENE Food hygiene is the prevention of harmful bacteria from growing in the food by keeping the kitchen clean as well as washing, cooking and storing food properly. Food hygiene are the conditions and measures necessary to [...]

Some Practical Home Economics: How To Prepare Your Favourite Snacks/Desserts

Butter, cake and yoghurt are some of the most favourite foods teenagers love to eat. I know this so well because I have younger ones at home, one of whom practically eats everything with butter; including rice and yam. Therefore, considering how much you all love these food items, I figured you may also like to [...]

3 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn From the Story Of a World Famous Chocolate Spread

Have you ever used Nutella spread for your bread, toast, or if you are like me - just eaten it right out of the jar!? Of course, it's heavenly in a yummy, my-taste-buds-are-doing-somersaults kind of way, but I bet you didn't know the hurdles and adversities that manufacturers of this feel-good product had to overcome [...]

Are You a Picky Eater? You Can Jazz Up Your Eating Habit With These 5 Tasty Tips

Are you a picky eater? Does food put you off? Perhaps, the smell, taste, or texture are what bother you. And it could also be that you are not being creative enough with your food to give you the enthusiasm to eat. Check out some of the tasty tips you could follow below: 1. Rule [...]

Allergic To Some Foods? Get All Your Facts Here

Hard as you may find it to believe, some of the foods you eat may be harmful to you or your friends. For a fact, food allergy cases have increased significantly since the days of your parents and you would be surprised by the rising trends in food allergies, and the somewhat little things that [...]

Reasons You Should Eat Golden Melon

You can see the fruit sellers of Nigeria pushing some of the golden melons around. Don't just pass them by, try out this fruit.  They are healthy foods loaded with nutrients. Of the many melon types, Golden melons have the most vibrant taste. It is roundish, medium in size compared to the popular water melon. [...]

Pick Food From the Floor? The 5-Second Rule is So Not True!

Almost everyone has dropped food on the floor and still wanted to eat it. Some people apply the 5-second rule — that random saying about how food won't become contaminated with bacteria if you pick it up off the floor in 5 seconds or less. The 5-second rule became something of a culture, so much [...]

You May Only Eat Food That Has Fallen To the Ground If….

You know when you are eating a bunch of chips, and suddenly one falls to the ground tragically, but then you’re like, "It's Fine" and go ahead to eat it anyways? It may have been that you regarded the 5-second rule, or you hadn't heard of it but just could not let your money go [...]

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