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Foundation calls for free girl-child education

The In-Country representative of the Malala Yousafzai Foundation, Crystal Musa, has called for the free compulsory education of the girl child in Nigeria for at least 12 years. Musa stated this in Yola, Adamawa State, at the validation of a baseline study report on the community-led Action For Girl Education Project in Adamawa on Thursday. [...]

8 Sure Ways To Make Any Girl Find You Attractive

Have you ever wondered what makes some guys so popular with girls, and appear to have game while others are not so fortunate?  I'm also sure you would really like to be one of those popular boys. You would certainly love to have Titi, Estelle, Cambili or Fatima on your Friends List. What should you [...]

Harmful Traditional Incision – Female Genital Mutilation

Harmful Traditional Incision - Female Genital Mutilation Contents What is an Incision? Female Genital Mutilation Types Of Female Genital Mutilation Reasons For Female Genital Mutilation The Harm Effects of Female Genital Mutilation Facts About Female Genital Mutilation What is an Incision? An Incision is an ​opening that is made in something with a ​sharp​tool, ​especially in someone's [...]

Physical Health Education – Why Girls Drop Out of Sport

Physical Health Education, JSS 3, Week 3 TOPIC : Why Girls Drop Out of Sport Content Reasons girls drop out of sport Reasons they need to participate in sport Reasons Girls drop out of sport By age 14, girls are dropping out of sports at two times the rate of boys. The Women’s Sports Foundation [...]

13 LIFE FACTS Every Teenager MUST Know

A popular Taylor Swift song goes: When you are 15, and somebody tells you they love you, you are gonna believe them / And when you are 15 and your first kiss makes your head spin round / But in your life, you will do things greater than dating the boy on the football team [...]

Girl Talk: U’ve Got To Try This; Beauty Tips for Teens to Look Pretty Without Makeup

When you are a pre-teen, it's hard to find beauty tips for pre-teens that aren't loaded with makeup tricks! Well girls, if you want to look natural and want to pull off a great look without makeup, I've got my top 4 beauty tips for pre-teens that do not involve any makeup! So girls, you [...]

7 Thoughtful Ways to Get a Guy to Open Up to You

Boys behave differently from girls, as such, they are usually hard-pressed to talk about their feelings or what bothers them except they have grown to trust you and admire you a lot. How then can you get a guy to open up to you? The secret is to inquire patiently, and without judgment. I believe [...]

She Wont Tell You Her Age? Find Out in Seconds Using Just Her Picture!

It's a general saying that you should never ask a lady her age. But what is more, most people - girls and boys alike - conceal their real ages for reasons best known to them. But not anymore! According to a recent report by CNN Tech, a computer algorithm developed by Microsoft can tell how old you [...]

Should a Girl Play Hard to Get?

This is a question every girl who has come of age, and begun to receive attention from the opposite sex asks herself. You must have asked yourself what the right way to go about it is. Worry your pretty head no more, here are the deets! The book He's Just Not That into You, says [...]

Strictly For Girls: Can I Make My Breasts Larger?

This is a recurring question among girls, since the breasts contribute to a girl's self-image. But if nature has bestowed you with smaller pairs - considering the fact that an over-sexualised media and society places a high emphasis on large breasts -, should you be bothered enough to want to alter them? Before you reach [...]

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