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Ifeanyi Okolo

#PNNE-Mentoring (Ifeanyi Okolo): 4 Smart Study Habits for Getting Good Grades

As a student, you will have at your disposal a Study Time Table, yet you are finding it difficult to study. But before we get to the "how to develop smart study habits" part, let's understand what are habits and why you should study. What Exactly Are Habits? According to an English Poet, he said, [...]

#PNNE-Mentoring (Ifeanyi Okolo): 7 Useful Tips for Making and Being a Good Friend

What kind of friends do you have? Or what kind of a friend are you? Or the ultimate test is: How can you be and make VALUABLE friends? There is nothing better than having a "best" friend, someone you can totally be yourself around. Or being a "best" friend others can have indeed. Friends are [...]

#PNNE-Mentoring (Ifeanyi Okolo): 7 Essential Capabilities For Getting Good Grades

I believe that everyone and every student can get good grades if they REALLY want to, even if they have never done well before or if they struggle with learning. Of course, there is much more to school than getting good grades. In fact, you can get good grades and not learn a thing. But, [...]

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#PNNE-Mentoring (Ifeanyi Okolo): 10 Proven Ways to Achieve Academic Excellence

Being a student is both rewarding and challenging. The rewarding part of being a student is in the achieving of academic excellence. While the challenging part has to do with the choices you make to develop the capabilities to achieving academic excellence. And these choices can make or break the rewards (of academic success that [...]

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#PNNE-Mentoring (Ifeanyi Okolo): 7 Ways to Choose and Display the Right Attitude

Attitude is very important in life, especially when it comes to influencing people around you. When you display positive attitude, people respond positively. Also, when your attitude is negative, people tend to respond negatively as well. But at times you might believe that your attitude is set. That is, your bad attitude cannot be changed. [...]

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Everyone Needs Counselling: Meet Passnownow E-Mentors! They’re Here To Help YOU!!

We understand the benefits of mentoring when we hear the powerful stories of teens whose lives have been changed by a single, caring adult. All teenagers experience troubled times - some more serious than others. Even though they might not show it (or even know it), all they sometimes really need is someone to listen [...]