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Police arrests Ten Students in Lagos for Hooliganism

Ten teenagers aged between the ages of twelve and sixteen were today March 15th, 2017 arrested in Lagos for causing public havoc; no thanks to their gangster ways. Several news reports indicate that the arrested teens are students of Apapa High School, Randle Junior School and United Christian Secondary School all in different parts of [...]

Important Reasons why Teenagers should be encouraged to start coding

Not too long ago, the Co-Creation Hub in Lagos came up with an initiative targeted at young people (teenagers to be specific), with the aim of teaching them basic software engineering skills. This is something unheard of in this part of the world; something that would have been thought impossible just a few years ago. [...]

OPINION: Disparity in Unity Schools’ Cut-Off Marks as an Albatross

A young girl seeking admission into any of the country’s 104 Federal Government Colleges (Unity Schools) from Anambra State must score 139 points out of a possible 300 to stand a chance of being taken. But her counterpart from Zamfara state only needs to guess two answers right; in order words, she is required to [...]

254 Schools for Ayade Under-15 Football Tournament

Two hundred and fifty four secondary schools in Cross River State are participating in the inaugural Governor Ben Ayade Under-15 Football Tournament which kicked off yesterday in all the 18 local government areas of the state. Chairman of the state’s Sports Commission, Mr. Orok Duke, disclosed at the weekend that the grand finale of the [...]

How can teens handle their friends’ Success even when they themselves aren’t succeeding?

So imagine that you have written JAMB severally and failed each time and most [if not all] of your friends from secondary school have all gotten admitted into tertiary institutions of various types. You will be happy for your friends most expectedly. Yet deep down within your inner self, you will feel serious resentment for [...]

Here are the little Details you should know about Runtown

In Nigeria and beyond, the name Runtown surely rings loud bells. But besides his versatile music, what else do you know about him? Do you even know his real name, the one that his parents gave him upon birth? Do you know which part of of the country he is from? Really, do you know [...]

Daddy the Liar (A Short Story)

Has any of your parents ever bragged about how good they were back in school? I bet you know exactly what I am talking about! Such bragging episodes often occur whenever your either or both of your parents feel the need to "motivate" to study harder because they are not satisfied with your academic performance. [...]

Here are some beloved Celebrities and their Dates of Birth

So far here on Passnownow.com we've been able to establish that truly, Nigerian teens have some love for their celebrities. But but I digress; pardon that. The reason for writing this post is to acquaint you with a few more details about your favourite celebrities just so you could get to know them even more. And [...]

Between Yemi Alade and Sheyi Shay, who is more interesting to Teens?

A few Saturdays ago I was at home with my younger ones, watching a TV programme where the anchor compared Sheyi Shay's and Yemi Alade's dress senses and general beauty standards. It was an interesting show I must say, and by the end of it the anchor concluded that Sheyi Shay was more beautiful by [...]

Davido and Education: Is there a Correlation?

Davido is one of Nigeria's biggest stars. Ever since he burst unto the music scene with his signature beat and vocals, he has built such a formidable fan base, even as more and more teenagers want to "blow" just like him. These days, many people only associate Davido with chart-topping songs and wealth. But have [...]

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