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Bill Gates

Remarkable People, Places and Events – Bill Gates

He's the founder of Microsoft, an inventor and the world's most prolific philanthropist. He's also the richest man on the planet, with a net worth north of $79 billion. What do you really know about Bill Gates? 1. Born William Henry Gates III, Bill's nickname as a child was "Trey" 2. The private school he attended as [...]

Letter From the World’s Richest Man to School Students

Should you be wondering who this is, well, he is no other than Mr Bill Gates. Together with his wife, Melinda, they write a letter annually of their expectations for the year. And this year's letter is primarily directed at young people everywhere, read the excerpt below: ....We are dedicating this year’s letter to talking [...]

What is the World’s Deadliest Animal? It May Not Be What You Think It Is!

What would be your answer to this question? Sharks? Lions? Snakes? Well, according to a Business Insider article, the world's deadliest creature may not be what you would expect.  A 2014 infographic from Bill Gates' blog outlined the number of deaths per year related to animals, and it's not any of the afore-mentioned animals or [...]

#PNN E-Mentoring (Yoma Victor): If You Are Above 12, It’s Too Late Already!

I recently started meditating on a particularly popular story of a world-renowned successful man. He grew up in a particularly interesting culture where they are trained and brought up to be successful. Theirs is such an interesting and effective method that today they are regarded as the most successful ethnic group on earth. They aren't [...]

Watch as Genevieve Nnaji becomes the latest celeb to take on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Nollywood Diva Genevieve Nnaji, Wednesday, was doused with a bucket of ice cold water as she joined the rich and famous in the Ice bucket challenge. She was nominated by Togo and Tottenham Hotspur FC star, Emmanuel Adebayor. She shared the video of her participation via her instagram page and also nominated R &B singing duo [...]

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VIDEO: Don Jazzy becomes the latest celebrity to take part in the ‘ice bucket challenge’

So the viral ALS Challenge which started in the US with top technology billionaires and CEOs from Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin to Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos and Apple CEO, Tim Cook has hit Nigeria. The idea was started to create awareness for a disease called Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and [...]

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Photos: D’banj rolls with Bill Gates, Mo Ibrahim

D’banj has great friends that include Microsoft owner Bill Gates and Sudanese, Mo Ibrahim The Koko master posted pictures of himself with the men on his Instagram page, including Bono from the music group, U2. He captioned the picture with Mo Ibrahim: This Weekend was actually out of this world. Thanks Bono for inviting me [...]

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