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Be frank, what would you really do if you found yourself in this situation? LMAO!

Maths Teaser: Who can find the correct answer?

This is a pretty simple puzzle. Show you're genius by solving it!

PUZZLE: The Liar, the Truth Teller and the Random Answerer

There is a truth teller (always tells the truth), a liar (always lies), and one that sometimes answers truthfully and sometimes lies. Each man knows who is who. You may ask three yes or no question to determine who is who. Each time you ask a question, it must only be directed to one of [...]

Who can Solve this Puzzle?

PUZZLE: A basket contains five apples. Share the apples among five children such that each one gets an apple and one apple stays in the basket!

Puzzle: Who is the Hero?

This is a simple puzzle. But only geniuses can answer it correctly. Can you give it a try? PUZZLE: "You tear off my skin, but I do not cry. Instead you do! What am I?"

Brain Teaser: This Maths Teaser Also Tests Your Grasp of English!

Not only does it want you to find the next number, it will also test your knowledge of the difference between British and American English.  

Brain Teaser: This Answer Wants You To Find It!

Find the area of the shaded portion. The answer is just waiting for you to find it!

Brain Teaser: Do You Know Your Numbers?

Did you know that the numeral system we use today, though popularised by the Arabs, came to us from the Indians? So advanced were they in Arithmetic and Astronomy that people came from far and wide to learn from them. So, prove how much you have learnt by cracking this number puzzle!

Brain Teaser: A Teaser So Good Even Doctors Recommend It

We all know an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about grapes and bananas? Perhaps the three will help keep three doctors away! If that be the case, why not eat your way to the answer of this teaser?

Brain Teaser: This Teaser Wants To Make You Eat and Think at the Same Time!

So, which combination would you like? Hamburgers + soda? Hamburgers + pints of beer? Or better still, all three! But if you aren't 18+, do kindly keep your hands off the beer (Big Brother will be watching!!)

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