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I NEED Food, But You WANT Ice Cream. What’s the Difference Between NEEDS and WANTS?

"I need the latest pair of Yeezys" said Yomi to his mother. "But you have some really nice sneakers already. You got a new pair only two months ago" came his mother's reply. "Oh mom! It's a new session, so 'Out with the old, In with the new.' You just won't understand, I really need [...]

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5 Things Every Teenage Boy Should Know About Life

Good advice for teenage boys often comes from fathers, teachers, mentors, and role models. These are the people you look up to as an example of the type of person you aspire to be in your own life. Whether you're seeking advice about girls, school, sports, or everyday wisdom, there are answers out there, and [...]

10 Things Teens Should Consider For Success In Life and Entrepreneurship

Research has it that when faced with an obstacle, humans generally react in two broad ways. The first category are those with a fixed mindset who somehow convince themselves that they will never be good at this; while the second category of people have a growth mindset and see the obstacle as an opportunity to [...]

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How To Determine the Purpose Of Your Existence In 10 Short Minutes

People often talk about finding one's purpose like it's a task to be completed, and perhaps it is. But Sean Kelly, a contributor on entrepreneur.com, believes the purpose of your existence could be right there without you even realising it! Consider some of the pointers below: 1. Write Down What Activities In Life Give You More [...]

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3 Points To Consider If You Desire To Excel In Life And As an Entrepreneur

In life and as an entrepreneur, we face obstacles that threaten to abort our dreams and make our goals seem unattainable. If one looks beyond the fear and the noise, one would see how these obstacles are enlarged by our mind. To help you see things in the right perspective and help you excel in [...]

In Life And As an Entrepreneur, These 10 Words Are the Keys That Open Doors

According to an article by Jayson Demers on entrepreneur.com, what we get either in the form of cooperation or assistance from others depend to a large degree on how we present our arguments and requests. Whether in life or business, these 10 words may well be the difference between assent and decline. Consider for yourselves. 1. [...]

Do You Desire To Reach Your Full Potential? Then, Watch Out For These 3 Things

Whether in life, academics, or business, most of us are interested in "reaching our full potential", and ensuring that we make the best of our lives. The question any intelligent person would ask next may well be: What should one do, or not do (as the case may be), if one desires to reach his/her [...]

FORGET ALL YOU’VE READ: An Entrepreneur Gets Real About Life And Success

This is an adaptation of a stripped-down article written by Steve Tobak on entrepreneur.com about how to tune out all the noise, or whittle down all the words you read on the internet about success into these simple, time-tested, and common sense applications.  I hope you ensure his objectivity, and his use of few words. Really, not [...]

Should I Really Care About a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle begins with small, regular steps Has your mother always insisted that you eat right, or that you make healthy food choices? What has always been your reply? Do you enjoy junk food, or get carried away once you've opened that packet of biscuits, or that bag of fried chips? Have [...]

10 Lessons You Will Never Learn In the Classroom

Chairs and desks in a classroom It is true that you learn a lot of really interesting, and beneficial things in the classroom. But think for a moment: Where would you learn about positivity and optimism when your result comes out, and you failed Math yet again! Who would teach you about finding [...]