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Have You Fallen in Love? These Chemicals Are to Blame!

Though scientists have not developed any magic love potions that make someone fall and stay in love with you, but there is a lot of chemistry involved in feeling attachment. And if you have ever wondered exactly what chemicals are involved in feeling love, then you are in much luck as this article introduces you [...]

Teens! Reasons Why You Should Never Fall In Love With Your Best Friend

Sometimes, being friends with the opposite sex can be difficult. This is especially so for teenagers! Either the boy or the girl will one day want a lot more than mere friendship. The possibility of jealousness abound [too] when either party falls in love with someone else. But then there are good reasons why friends [...]

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The first time Nedum set eyes on Ginika, he felt the power of attraction. She was a total stranger, yet deep down within him he felt an instant click; that romantic feeling that just overwhelms you when you find the one! It was more easily felt than expressed because it all happened so unexpectedly when they both [...]

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The Love Story That Lasted Forever

Many years ago, a boy named Joshua lived in a small town. He was a teen quickly becoming a young man. And by the age of nineteen, he was already a Secondary School senior, a big boy in school and one of the few boys wore sandals. Joshua was making preparations to write the mock [...]

What Are Promise Rings, And What Do They Mean?

A promise ring can mean many different things, and before giving this tangible symbol of a commitment, individuals should be certain their promise will be easily understood not only by the person wearing the ring, but by others who may misconstrue the intent of the promise. What are Promise Rings? Promise rings are small, beautiful [...]

Girl Talk: What Makes Guys Think Girls Are Too Clingy

Hi Admin, Do boys get annoyed if a girl is too clingy? If so, what does a girl do that makes you think they are clingy? In reality, I think the lines between “clingy” and “really, really interested” are often blurred for both guys and girls. Because every person has their own threshold for giving [...]

SEPTEMBER – The Tale Of a Month Bumped From the Seventh Position To the Ninth

Yay! It's September, and nothing reminds us of the year coming to an end - and all the festivities involved! - than the first of the ember months. But how did September, named for the seventh month of the Roman calendar come to be the ninth month  in our modern calendar, the Gregorian calendar?  From [...]

ANSWERED: How Do You Tell Someone You Like Him/Her

Hi, Please I need your help on this. There is this lady I like so much. I’ve been told before that she likes me but, she hasn’t told me that herself. I’m thinking of telling her I like her, but I don’t know how I should approach it. How should I tell her? I think [...]

Girl Talk: 8 Signs A Shy Guy Likes You – Even If It Doesn’t Seem Like It

Shy guys are pretty hard to figure out, unsurprisingly. They’re shy, so they’re probably also kind of quiet and awkward… not just around you, but around everyone. So how are you supposed to know if that kind of guy likes you and is just too shy to say anything, or if he’s not interested at [...]

What Makes a Family? Blood or Love?

There is this oft-repeated saying that "blood is thicker than water" usually used in connection with the bond between family members of the same bloodline. But what about families with adopted children, is the bond between them any less strong? As an example, let's say a boy meets a girl whom he likes very much. [...]

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