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Psychologist Sigmund Freud famously proposed that our personal development is pretty much determined by events in our early childhood. While many of his ideas are now outdated, some modern psychological theories also suggest that childhood experiences play an important role in shaping our lives. But is there really any evidence that difficult childhood experiences can cause common [...]

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One of the more frustrating assumptions in the mix of modern parenting advice is the idea that all kids are born as identical clean slates. I suspect the increase in this attitude is partly due to the loss of large families. With the total fertility rate in Australia down to 1.88 children per woman, the [...]

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PARENTING TIPS: How to Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse

  On a daily basis, there are reports of children being sexually abused by adults, some survived this abuse, others were left with scars while some others have lost their lives. With the increased rate of sexual abuse on children, it is time to talk about things that parents can do to reduce the risk [...]

Parents! Get Interested In Stuff That Interests Your Teens

It’s normal for parents to be mostly disinterested in the things that fascinate teenagers. After all, there is a huge difference between parents and teenagers. But then, in order for parents to really have good relationships with their children, it is necessary for them [parents] to learn to show interests in some of the things [...]

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Teens! Here Are Reasons Why Your Parents Might Be Lying To You.

Every child must have had their parents lie to them at some point in their lives. This could be in a bid to get children to behave in certain ways, to keep a secret from them or just to "mess" around with them kids. Moreover, many parents find lying inevitable when it comes to parenting [...]

Parents! Tips To Get Your Teenagers To Be Hygienic Around The House

It’s safe to say that what causes the most fight between parents and teenagers is not dating issues or even low grades in school, but the need to keep the house clean. No parent wants to see a wet towel on the bathroom floor, on the bed or worst still on the couch. No parent [...]

Parents! Are You Motivating Your Teens The Right Way?

Time for the hard truth- some parents go about motivating their children all wrong! It is wrong for parents to think that their teenagers wouldn’t care about academics unless they are forced to. After all, no parent can truly force their child to care about academic excellence just because they [the parents] try. Studies have [...]

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Parenting: How to Be Involved in Your Child’s Peer Relationships Without Being Controlling

As our kids grow up, we recognize that friends play bigger and bigger roles in their lives. Through their friends, kids figure out a lot about themselves and who they are becoming. Yet, young people who have trouble forming positive friendship relationships can struggle in many areas of their life. On the other hand, we [...]

13 Things Only Teens With Overprotective Parents Will Understand

There are three categories of parents: The ones who really don’t care that much. Setting rules is not in their dictionary. The ones who set rules but still let you use your discretion sometimes. And then, the over-protective kind of parents. Overprotective parents are always trying so hard to do the right thing. They just [...]

8 Things You Should Never Ever Do To Your Parents

There is nothing like having good parents. You need to know how much some people crave to have them around. If you've got good parents, you gotta love them! However, dealing with your parents can be tough, especially if they’re strict. But we all have them, and we all have to deal with them. To [...]

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