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5 Tips for a Winner’s Brain

Success is what every parent wants for their child, and according to two researchers, anyone is capable of achieving it. Researchers Jeff Brown and Mark J. Fenske say that contrary to popular assumption, people aren’t just born into lucky circumstances that create winners; anyone can train their brain to think like one.  Here are some [...]

Do You Know That Your Memory Wields So Much Power!

In the 19th century, South Indians can simultaneously keep in mind and do the following things and afterwards correctly repeat the whole: Play a game of chess without seeing the chess board; direct the movement of a knight so that it should make the circuit of the board within the outline of a horse traced [...]

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Nominalization and Skill Focus (Paraphrasing a Poem)

English Language SS2 First Term Week 9 Contents: Grammar: Nominalization Vocabulary Development: The Human Body Skill Focus: Writing Skills A. Grammar: Nominalization It is useful to expand your vocabulary  and one way to do this to know how to use suffixes  to form new words. A suffix is something we add to the end of a word [...]

Do You Bedwet? See Answers To All the Questions You Ever Asked

It always happens something like this: You fall into an extremely deep sleep and find yourself dreaming. The dream builds up to such a stage that you find yourself wanting to pee. In your dream, you walk to the bathroom or the side of the road (whichever your dreamy self fancies!) and simply begin to [...]

Are You a Picky Eater? You Can Jazz Up Your Eating Habit With These 5 Tasty Tips

Are you a picky eater? Does food put you off? Perhaps, the smell, taste, or texture are what bother you. And it could also be that you are not being creative enough with your food to give you the enthusiasm to eat. Check out some of the tasty tips you could follow below: 1. Rule [...]

5 Best Brain Foods for Brain Function, Health and Memory

Brain foods not only nourish your brain but also provide your body with the required nutrients. So the next time you have a presentation or an exam, munch on these to help you focus. 1. Eggs Eggs are a great source of protein and amino acids and are great for your eyes. Moreover egg yolk [...]

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The Magical Technique That Will Help Train Your Brain To Fall Asleep in 60 Seconds

Sleep. Oh! how wonderful this activity is. Some people find it really easy to fall asleep, and could literally sleep through a hurricane. But for some, it's a real chore to fall asleep. But fret no more, a breathing technique claims it can help you nod off in 60 seconds! It sounds great, right? Let's [...]

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