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Here are some of the Things that happen to Teenagers when they are infatuated

 Have you ever been infatuated? Well if you have, you'd have noticed the following weird behaviours... When you can't help but break into a grin whenever the name of your crush comes up in conversation. And then  when your friends notice, you go like What, me, beaming like an idiot? Noway. There's no way my cheeks [...]

What Does It Mean To DATE SAFELY? These 7 Tips Tell You Just How

You may have decided that you are far too young to be dating, this is just fine, you are doing well! But eventually you will, how then will you know if what you have is safe and healthy? Perhaps, you have a friend or relative who is already in the dating pool, how may you [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Social Studies – JSS3}: Dating

JSS 3 Social Studies First Term Week 1 Topic: Dating Content: Meaning of dating Reason young people date Appropriate behavior when dating Meaning of Dating Dating has several meanings: Dating is a part of human meeting process whereby two people meet socially for companionship beyond the level of friendship. Dating is a trial period in which [...]

The Love Story That Lasted Forever

Many years ago, a boy named Joshua lived in a small town. He was a teen quickly becoming a young man. And by the age of nineteen, he was already a Secondary School senior, a big boy in school and one of the few boys wore sandals. Joshua was making preparations to write the mock [...]

13 LIFE FACTS Every Teenager MUST Know

A popular Taylor Swift song goes: When you are 15, and somebody tells you they love you, you are gonna believe them / And when you are 15 and your first kiss makes your head spin round / But in your life, you will do things greater than dating the boy on the football team [...]

Girl Talk: What Makes Guys Think Girls Are Too Clingy

Hi Admin, Do boys get annoyed if a girl is too clingy? If so, what does a girl do that makes you think they are clingy? In reality, I think the lines between “clingy” and “really, really interested” are often blurred for both guys and girls. Because every person has their own threshold for giving [...]

The Kinds of Relationships Everyone Will Have in Life

Chances are you’re going to date, well, maybe a lot of different people in your lifetime. Some people get lucky and find the person they’re going to marry in their high school sweetheart or after dating one other person. But I think the majority of us will date a few partners before finding the “right” [...]

ANSWERED: How Do You Tell Someone You Like Him/Her

Hi, Please I need your help on this. There is this lady I like so much. I’ve been told before that she likes me but, she hasn’t told me that herself. I’m thinking of telling her I like her, but I don’t know how I should approach it. How should I tell her? I think [...]

Understanding the Difference Between Lust, Love & Infatuation

Love, Lust and Infatuation are very different things entirely. In this post, I try to point out those differences. LOVE Love is not an emotion. It isn't some warm fuzzy feeling that you get. Your ability to love is based on you, not anyone else. You love because of who you are. Your partner doesn't [...]

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Think you’re ready for sex? READ THIS

(By Kayla Chanai) Today is a brand new day and a day to make better choices that will enhance our tomorrow. After our discussion last week and going through your responses, it was clear that sex is an interesting topic to you as it is to me and everyone else hence decisions regarding it must [...]

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