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Some necessary Skills every aspiring Teen Entrepreneur must acquire

In my last post on entrepreneurship, I discussed some of the basic things every aspiring entrepreneur must know. And for this post, I shall be following up on the previous post by highlighting some of the necessary skills every aspiring teenage entrepreneur must acquire and use. The points I will make below are straight forward; [...]

Why You Need To Be CONSISTENT In Your Life And As an Entrepreneur

Consistency. That is the buzz word. But to help fix in your mind a clear picture of what consistency really is, I will start with an abridged version of a story told by Arno Rafael Minkkinen, and shared on entrepreneur.com He was born in Helsinki, Finland. And in the centre of the city, there was a large bus [...]

Why You Must HUSTLE If You Desire SUCCESS In Life, And How To Go About It

In a recent post by entrepreneur.com contributor, Steve Tobak, opportunity never just comes to you, you have to go out and make it happen. You have to hustle for it. If you want a meaningful career, you have got to hustle.   But What Does It Really Mean To Hustle? To a lot of people, it [...]

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“You Are Never Too Young To Start” Two Teen Entrepreneurs Speak From Experience

In the third and final of our series on entrepreneurship, we will consider two teens - one who invented the sport equipment she needed but couldn't find, and the other who designed an anti-bullying app for victims of bullying. Hope you enjoy! Rachel Zietz, 15, Founder, Gladiator Lacrosse She couldn't find a certain equipment she needed [...]

Why You Need a Personal Vision To Guide You In Life and as an Entrepreneur

People throw this word around a lot; motivational speakers, life coaches, your parents, even your teachers. But beyond all the noise, and bias, what does it really mean? In explaining, this article will not go into all that lofty emptiness, but will clearly and simply describe what it means. Ready to launch? Let's go! Personal Vision [...]

4 Hard Facts No One Will Tell You About Entrepreneurship

While entrepreneurship may be the rage these days, with everyone telling you that is where the money is. There are usually a few truths they leave behind, and which you will find useful. Consider some of these below as inspired by Phil Da Duke of entrepreneur.com. 1. Leave Pride In the Trash One thing you should [...]

Be a Teen Entrepreneur, Turn Your Hobby Into Cash With These 6 Tips

Do you feel like you have found a thing you enjoy a lot - baking, photography, painting, sports, writing, jewelry and bead making, and all such. But have you ever thought about actually making money off your awesome beads or super cool pictures? This is a thing you can totally do, and Lilit Marcus of [...]

How To Get All-Round Success Every Day For the Rest of Your Life

In another week or couple of weeks, you will be sitting your mid-term tests and getting ready for examinations that are bound to come at the end of the term. But how can you ensure to hold yourself accountable to achieve the success you desire? And how can the habits you develop now contribute to [...]

To Get To the Top, Pay Attention To These 3 Rungs On the Ladder Of Success

We all desire success. Any rational person wants to be successful; be it in academics, career, entrepreneurship or life. With this in mind, what are some of the important things to consider? 1. Pay attention To Facts, Not Stories Stories create emotions, which cause us to react, and those reactions are based on conclusions drawn [...]

See Why Working Hard Will Not Make You Rich!

In a country like Nigeria, where we are taught to embrace hardwork and diligence at all times, so we can make money, it would be erroneous to say hard work will not make you rich but quite a number of evidences seem to back up this conclusion and it is important to note that this [...]

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